My Word, My World - Exhiition curated by Bas Vlam



My Word, My World - Norwegian Calligraphy Exhibition, Asky


My Word, My World - The Catalogue from the Norwegian International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Asky 2014, curated by Bas Vlam.

Introduction to the catalogue by Blas Vlam
Calligraphy to the wider public, is not the most known art-form. A few words therefore about writing and this exhibition in particular may be required. Calligraphy is derived from the Greek and can be translated as "beautiful writing". Most will understand its meaning when one refers to the work of the medieval monks: including the beautifully illuminated bibles, and the use of quills and leaf-gold. But there was a lot more to it than that then, as there is now.

The selection of work shown here has a vast diversity in techniques and materials. Letters are present in all works, but sometimes the letters exist in a shape that demands something more of the spectator. We are so used to look beyond the letter-shapes in our search for the content of a text, that we completely ignore the fact that the letters themselves also are worthy of our attention. Calligraphy is about spotting and highlighting those hidden possibilities.

The interaction between text, shape, colour and illustration is chosen with care and respect for the message. A demanding exercise, a troublesome task even, but an effort often rewarded. The joy of achieving what one aims for - often after several attempts - and the joy of creating something that others may enjoy too; is there any greater reward?

This exhibition is to give an idea of the diversity hidden in this magic world of letters with the wish that you may, like us, enjoy the wonder of the written word.

Bas Vlam, Chairman of Kalligrafisk Klubb and initiator of the exhibition.

Contributors include:
Michela Antonello (UK), Rita Austvoll (Norway), Michel d'Anastasio (France), Jo Gjessing (Norway), Gaynor Goffe (UK), Loek de la Haye (the Netherlands), Jean Larcher (France), Manny Ling (UK), Mary Noble (UK), Tom Perkins (UK), Katharina Pieper (Germany), Cecilia Skogh (Sweden), Borghild Telnes (Norway), Julia Vance (Italy/Norway), Sophie Verbeek (Switzerland), Yoshiko Yoshida (Japan), Edward Wates (UK) Marina Soria (Argentine), Vitaly Shapovalov (Russia), Jan Roald Norway) Apollinariya Mishina (Russia), Mayumi Kuga (Japan), Donald Jackson (UK) and Bas Vlam (Norway).

Booksellers comments

This catalogue from the Norwegian International Exhibition of Calligraphy held in Asky, Norway in March 2014 contains 24 inspirational pieces of art from some of the world best calligraphers. Recommended!

1st edition 2014, Paperback, 30pp, full colour throughout, 21 x 30cm

My Word, My World - Norwegian Calligraphy Exhibition, Asky
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