Bound for Success – Designer Bookbinders Competition Catalogue 2009 edited by Jeanette Koch



Bound for Success – Designer Bookbinders Competition Catalogue 2009 edited by Jeanette Koch



Publisher’s synopsis:
Published to celebrate the winning entries in the prestigious 2009 Designer Bookbinders International Competition held at the Bodleian Library, this catalogue illustrates two hundred and forty of the most skilful and creative examples of contemporary bookbinding.

Designer Bookbinders is one of the foremost bookbinding societies and the competition has attracted top binders from around the world, featuring a remarkable range of styles, materials, and approaches to this ancient craft. Beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated, Bound for Success showcases the very best in modern bookbinding and is likely to become a collector's item.

Jeanette Koch is a Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders and currently serves on the Designer Bookbinders Executive Committee, as well as on the Editorial Board of The New Bookbinder. Her work is held in private collections in the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, and in the Alec Taylor Collection housed at The British Library.

Introduction to the book by Lester Capon:
Designer Bookbinders has run an annual bookbinding competition since 1975,when it took over the responsibilities for the Thomas Harrison Memorial Competition. This was always confined to entrants working in Britain. Now we are delighted to organise this, our first international competition. Many years ago we instigated the set book for our annual competition (whilst in addition keeping an open choice category). The set book has proved very successful, and we decided it was appropriate for this project also. Finding a suitable book was essential, so we approached the Fine Press Book Association and asked any interested private presses to submit ideas. Incline Press presented us with Water, a book they were just about to put into production. Everything was right for us with this book - an anthology of poems in several languages with images that complement the poems without having to illustrate them. The texts are printed to allow for a redistribution of the sections. This freedom invites the binder to be inventive with structure and offers a wide scope for design interpretation. The size is perfect and we knew that we could trust the long-established Incline Press to produce an attractive book, well printed and on good paper. A major bookbinding competition is an exciting prospect. We are able to view a tremendous variety of approaches to the art of the hand-bound book. This being an international competition we can look for national characteristics. We can assess possible influences from each country's society and culture. Bookbinding, like all art and crafts, can be coloured by the political and economic background from which it grows. We cannot escape our working environment, and why should we want to? It does not stop us from taking inspiration from wherever and whomever we like. I hope that you will enjoy looking at this wide variety of modern approaches to the art of the hand-bound book. There are bindings steeped in tradition together with experimental structures. There are the reserved and the flamboyant, the serious and the humorous. They are all of our time and are part of our contribution to the continuing history of book-binding, which is flourishing. Lester Capon, President of Designer Bookbinders

Bookseller’s comments
This stunning book contains image 240 images of bookbindings that where entered in this competition 240 bookbinders from 30 different countries. The theme or the competition was “Water” but the variety of different solutions is amazing. Bookbinders will love not only this book but the catalogue for the 2013 catalogue, Prize Volumes too.

1st edition, 2009, hardback, 98pp, with over 240 illustrations, full colour throughout, 20 x 27.3cm

Bound for Success – Designer Bookbinders Competition Catalogue 2009 edited by Jeanette Koch
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