Graffiti School - A Student Guide (with Teacher's Manual) by Chris Ganter



Graffiti School - A Student Guide (with Teacher's Manual) by Chris Ganter



Publisher’s synopsis:
Students, Do you want to learn to write Graffiti? This is the book you need! Find out how to:
  • design your own letter style
  • use effects to create a unique tag
  • create throw-ups
  • include fills and motifs
  • paint wildstyle, bubblestyle and blockbusters
  • build up large burners |
  • handle a spray can
  • get your work up safely and legally
Teachers, This is the book you need if you want to teach graffiti. It contains:
  • plans for lessons on graffiti - theory and practice
  • practical advice for staging safe, hands-on graffiti lessons
  • guidance on marking students' work
  • resources covering the origins and cultural history of graffiti
  • clear step-by-step explanations to suit students of all abilities
  • exercises and solutions

Introduction to the book by the author:
Getting up
Graffiti writing, the art of creating beautiful lettering, is not solely about skill. Someone who is technically talented at drawing graffiti isn't necessarily a successful graffiti writer in practice because becoming a legendary writer also takes proactivity - getting out and 'getting up' on a wall. Sketching at home is unlikely to bring you fame and a reputation. The real achievements of graffiti writers are the lengths to which they go to realize pieces; to practise and improve their skills; to develop their own style after years of training; to travel around, find locations and organize paint; to keep their name up despite the trouble and inconvenience. It's a challenging and demanding hobby, but dedication like this is what brings success.

Graffiti School - the first extensive manual of its kind - is designed to introduce students to the world of graffiti writing and provide an overview of the art's techniques, styles and possibilities. It's no replacement for spending time putting paint on walls, also (though I try to be as comprehensive and objective as possible) the illustrations do reflect my own individual taste and perception of style. However, coupling the skills and information explained in Graffiti School with commitment and originality is a superb place to start. Trying over and over again without giving up will not only win you respect, but will also help you discover your own unique style.

Graffiti today is at a crossroads. Many people would agree that the hobby can be tolerated, indeed, can potentially be seen as art, so long as no laws are broken in the process of its creation. The graffiti scene itself is split into two groups, each with a different appreciation of the art: illegal sprayers focus on the location, action and difficulty of executing a piece, while legal sprayers judge work based on the artistic quality of the finished article. Needless to say, this book is designed to be of use to the second group, for whom the aesthetics of complex letters and the design of complex lettering are paramount. Better results will always be easier to achieve when conditions are favourable and less pressured.

One problem encountered by younger sprayers is the lack of the experience and ideas needed to create the detailed pieces commonly found on legal walls. Because of this they often turn to illegal spots with reduced 'quality control'. One of the purposes of this book is to help inexperienced sprayers get more elaborate results by directing their attention to the aesthetic side of graffiti. Skilful pieces (as opposed to uninspired or rushed work) are more readily enjoyed and appreciated, and with the help of this book I hope budding sprayers can get impressive results that conform to the ideas of art held by graffiti writers and society.

Bookseller’s comments:
A fascinating book that could also be of benefit to calligraphers that want to experiment on designing their own alphabets.

1st edition, paperback, 176pp, with over 300 illustrations, 101 in full colour, 21.3 x 29.7cm

Graffiti School - A Student Guide (with Teacher's Manual) by Chris Ganter
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