Zentangle for Kidz by Sandy Steen Bartholomew



Zentangle for Kidz by Sandy Steen Bartholomew



Publisher’s introduction to the book:

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of ZENTANGLE®! By reading this book, you will find yourself endowed with the incredible powers that Zentangle possesses. With a little practice you will be spilling forth some of the most intriguing, flavourful, and innovative pieces of art the world has ever seen!. "What else?" you may ask. Well, put a towel on your shoulder because people will be drooling and slobbering over your art talents and begging to know your secrets. Indeed, the world is hungry for this new fangled art and the prediction is that Zentangle will become a major world power in industry and Art Instruction. Want this power for your own? Read on!

Bookseller’s Comments: This amusing little book is written in a ‘comic book’ style to encourage children to try to art of Zentangle. Basic tools are used (pencil, felt pens and smudgers) and it is full of fun ideas for children.

1st edition, 2010, paperback, 19pp, full colour throughout, 21.7 x 27.5cm

Zentangle for Kidz by Sandy Steen Bartholomew
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