Zentangle 3 – Tangling with Rubber Stamps (Expanded Workshop Edition) by Suzanne McNeill



Zentangle 3 – Tangling with Rubber Stamps (Expanded Workbook Edition) by Suzanne McNeill



Introduction to the Zentangle Series of books by Suzanne McNeill

The Zentangle® method turns drawings into artistic designs, while reducing stress and improving focus. This relaxing process can be done anywhere, and no artistic talent is needed.

Developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the traditional Zentangle method is a ritual to help get in touch with life while creating beautiful art. Zentangle is used as a learning skill for school children, as stress reduction for adults, and it helps develop dexterity. In addition, the Zentangle method can help you create fabulous works of art that resemble etchings.Embellish journals, scrapbooks, art, paintings, and cards. There is really no limit to creativity. The Zentangle Basics book helps students and educators get started. It features step-by-step illustrations for 25 tangles. Also included are tips for how to relate Zentangle to learning for spelling, math, social studies, geometry, and art. Suzanne McNeill, CZT shares great tips on including Zentangle in your art and in your life.

Books included in this series are:
  • Zentangle 1 – Basics
  • Zentangle 2 – Ideas for Scrapbooks and Journals
  • Zentangle 3 – Tangling with Rubber Stamps
  • Zentangle 4 – Fresh Ideas with Templates, Stencils and Shapes
  • Zentangle 5 – More Tangles and Fabulous Jewellery
  • Zentangle 6 – Terrific Stencils and Cards
  • Zentangle 7 – Inspiring Circles, Zendalas & Shapes
  • Zentangle 8 – Monograms and Alphabets
  • Zentangle 9 – Colour with Mixed Media
  • Zentangle 10 – Ideas for Origami and Paper Crafts

Publisher’s synopsis for Zentangle 3 – Tangling with Rubber Stamps
Explore tangle possibilities and discover a host of new techniques with Zentangle 3! This inspiring book offers 40 original tangles and a host of new ideas for combining rubber stamps and tangles to create rich and delightful graphics.

Begin with the Zen of basic tangling, filling In the spaces between simple lines one step at a time. Then start turning rubber stamp shapes into spectacular designs! Create beautiful Zentangle-inspired art by enhancing rubber stamp outlines with tangles. Make your stamp an intriguing focal point surrounded by tangle sections. Use the expanded workbook to master tangles and shading for your Zentangle stamp art.

1st edition, 2014, paperback, 33pp, full colour throughout, 21.7 x 27.5cm

Zentangle 3 – Tangling with Rubber Stamps (Expanded Workbook Edition) by Suzanne McNeill
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