Rope of Words by Megan Kerr with artwork by Lin Kerr



Rope of Words by Megan Kerr with artwork by Lin Kerr



Megan Kerr was awarded first place was awarded first place in the British Fantasy Society - Short Story Competition in 2012 for

Rope of Words

About the author:
Megan Kerr is a short-story writer, novelist, and poet, with a special love of magical realism, literary slipstream, and formal poetry. She has a Masters from Brasenose College, is a member of Writers in Oxford and the British Fantasy Society, and runs The Writers' Greenhouse, creating writing courses and writers' games and activities. She grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, but fell in love with Oxford in 1995 and has lived there since 2002.

About the artist:
Lin Kerr is a fine artist, a lettering artist and an illustrator. She is a Fellow of CLAS (Calligraphy and Lettering Society) and a Full Member of Letter Exchange, a society for professional lettering artists. Lin teaches, exhibits, and produces lettering-based artworks and the occasional large-scale botanical painting. She is from South Africa and has lived and worked in the UK since 1998.

Rope of Words: Making the words
Megan Kerr wrote Rope of Words over a period of five years, most of which it spent in the drawer, in various stages of disrepair. She finished it in 2012, shortly after that it won the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition.

Rope of Words: Making the art
Since 2012, Lin Kerr has been sharing her process for creating the Rope of Words book, in her artistic journal, right from the start, through all the shifts and changes that such projects go through - including the cul-de-sacs, difficulties, and unexpected changes of direction. This is always a scary thing for a creative person to do: behind the scenes is much messier and more complicated than the final polished piece.

Bookseller’s comments
The story explains that the Golden Valley is open for a very short time, enough for just one to squeeze through. Our heroine has to leave the Golden Valley to follow the maze, but she is afraid of losing her love. Before she leaves, she knits a ‘Rope of Words’ so that her lover can guide her back to the opening to the Golden Valley the next time it opens. However, she finds that the rope comes to an end before she has reached the Treasures. She places the end on the ground and begins to hunt and collect the treasures. She searches and searches, but before she has finished gathering, the Golden Valley opens. As agreed, her love begins to gently pull the Rope of Words towards him, but there is no tension. Eventually, the last word and the end of the rope is pulled out of the maze and the opening closes.

Will the lovers be able to reunite? There is one way that you can, not only, enjoy travelling through their adventure, but also enjoy Lin’s beautiful illustrations and lettering.
1st edition 2014, paperback, 32pp, full colour throughout, 16.6 x 23cm.

Rope of Words by Megan Kerr with artwork by Lin Kerr
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