Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic (Expanding Writing) a DVD by Denis Brown



Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic (Expanding Writing) a DVD by Denis Brown



Foreword to this DVD by John Stevens
We are fortunate to live at a time when master calligraphic artists are willing to share their work and methods with the world through teaching and publishing. In many fields this is not the case. I used to hear the term trade secret from advanced musicians, when asked questions about technique or sound. We might be a more open society today, thanks to the digital realm. However, not all information is equal in it's authority and that is a drawback to free videos and articles on-demand.

Denis Brown needs no introduction. His work is known internationally, he is an authority. I originally met Denis in 1999, when he first came to teach at Cheerio*. His reputation was already established, however our interaction was polite around the dinner table, apart from a few pranks. It seems that serious creative people often also have a highly evolved sense of humour.

After meeting several times in the meantime, Denis invited me to contribute work as a featured guest artist In the program. From that collaboration our friendship stepped up to a new level, particularly when our conversation turned to music and studio production. During these interactions, I experienced at first hand what a complete artist he is. This is evidenced in the fact that he produced every aspect of this program, not only the calligraphy. Our common interest in music and production allowed us to break through overwhelming mutual respect and individual modesty, to finally get around to talking about calligraphy, a subject where we each hold individual opinions, in a more in-depth way.

Apart from being one of the finest calligraphers in the world, Denis is an experienced teacher of the art. He has technical mastery but also ideas that have advanced calligraphy. This experience, combined with refined production skills, uniquely qualifies him to create a program such as this. You are in for a treat, as he has put so much thought into it. Perhaps as never before, we have total integration between artist, author, teacher and production. In many cases, the video itself is hypnotic; you will enjoy watching as a film in its own right. Material covers the simple to the complex, yet coherently speaks with one voice. New ground is broken in both content and form.

There has never been a time like this when you can learn from a master at your own pace, in such an intimate and affordable medium. I expect this program to be very successful. I hope it advances calligraphy In the world; in universities, schools and every art institution. Beautifully conceived, written, filmed, produced and directed by Denis, this DVD set gives a good account of where calligraphy is now and where it is heading. It is a new tool that teaches fundamentals and next steps for calligraphers at any level. John Stevens, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Bookseller's comments
This 2 DVD set comes with a 10 page booklet containing an introduction by Denis Brown and a foreword by John Stevens. The two ‘dual-layer’ DVD data disks provide 9 hour of High Definition video demonstrations and tutorials by leading calligrapher Denis Brown.

The programme Modules cover:
  • Compressed Italic: alphabet demonstrations
  • Italic Theory and Practice: principles to aid understanding
  • Freeing the Rhythm: variation and swing
  • Polyrhythmic Calligraphy: adding secondary rhythms
  • Layering for Polyrhythms: writing on top of writing
  • Further Inspiration: guest artist calligraphic and bonus material.

System requirements and notes:
Mac or PC computer with DVD drive, up-to-date web browser, Adobe Flash player and/or Apple QuickTime player (all available as free downloads). The minimum screen resolution required is 1024 x 768 pixels. These DVDs were directed, designed, written, filmed, edited, and produced by Denis Brown who owns the copyright for this product.
Please note: that all rights are reserved. Unauthorized copying, lending, public performance, radio, TV or internet broadcasting of these DVD discs, or of any data thereon, is prohibited.

Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic (Expanding Writing) a DVD by Denis Brown
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