LITTERAE – A Visual Trip Through Literary Ancient Rome by Yves Leterme



LITTERAE – A Visual Trip Through Literary Ancient Rome



Introduction to this package
What is Litterae? Litterae is a unique collection of 24 high quality cards (full colour, 21x15 cm/8.3x5.9 in), with handpicked texts of various Latin authors, translated, commented and calligraphically interpreted by prominent Dutch calligrapher, Yves Leterme.

The fronts of the cards feature the selected Latin quotations, each one in an different, adequate writing style. The reverse side contains, apart from an illustration, again the original text along with an English and Dutch translation.

With the set comes a 34 page booklet providing useful background information on the original authors, their work and why the particular fragment was chosen. There is also a short account about how Yves arrived at his chosen calligraphic rendition for each card separately.

This set of cards and the booklet are presented in an exquisite Litterae-box. There’s also a short account for the calligraphic rendition of each card separately.

Bookseller's comments
This is an outstanding body of work that Yves has produced and the concept and packaging is exquisite. While one may be surprised that these pieces are not in a book format, I believe that this format makes is more suitable for study. The cards can be laid on any surface at you preferred angle so that you can study and practice the lettering if you wish. As it states on Yves’ web-site, ”Litterae is candy for the eyes and food for thought - the ideal gift for the art and letter loving person

1st edition, 2014, boxed, 34pp booklet, 24 study cards, full colour throughout, 22 x 16cm

LITTERAE – A Visual Trip Through Literary Ancient Rome
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