Origami Butterflies by Michael LaFosse (with Richard Alexander)



Origami Butterflies by Michael LaFosse (with Richard Alexander)



Publisher’s synopsis
This exciting book represents the culmination of a career spent perfecting an art form. Get ready to enjoy the world of Michael LaFosse's Origami Butterflies!

World-renowned origami artist Michael LaFosse shows you how to create 26 of his favorite original butterfly designs in this book – including many rare models, some never published before – with expertly drawn diagrams and clear video instructions for each one.

Every butterfly is folded from a simple square – no scissors, tape or glue needed! Paper folding enthusiasts, artists, art teachers, crafters and anybody interested in butterflies will love these projects.

All butterflies in this book are created using the highly adaptable "LaFosse Butterfly Folding System." By mixing and matching techniques, you will be able to fold a wide variety of origami butterflies and moths. As you learn these designs and gain an understanding of the system, you'll be able to create your own fanciful "species." Once you learn to fold butterflies, the applications and gifting possibilities are endless – inspirational art, earrings and pins, displays, pop-up greeting cards, ornaments, mobiles, package decorations and wedding or party favours represent just a few of the uses.

About the author’s
Michael G. Lafosse has been an origami artist for decades, and is considered a leading authority and master of the art. An avid teacher, LaFosse cofounded the Origamido Studio, a learning centre and design studio dedicated to the art of origami, and one of the only places in the world specializing in hand papermaking for the origami artist. Origamido also produces folded art and commercial designs for a variety of international clients. LaFosse co-curated "Origami Now!", a wildly popular, year-long exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. LaFosse was prominently featured in the recent Peabody Award-winning film, Between the Folds, by Vanessa Gould.

Richard L. Alexander cofounded the Origamido Studio with Michael LaFosse in 1996. He has been chief papermaker, holding workshops since 2003, and is a frequent collaborator with other famous paper artists. He holds a degree from Cornell University in biology (systems ecology), where he also studied landscape architecture and design. He has consulted with apparel, container, toy and consumer product designers to incorporate folding theory into familiar daily use objects. Together, Alexander and LaFosse have created dozens of origami exhibitions, and over 70 books, kits and videos about paper and paper arts.

Poetry for the Fingers
Art in any form helps us cope with daily life. Michaels origami butterfly designs are "poems for the fingers," the folding of which is a particularly satisfying blend of relaxation and stimulation. There is a beautiful progression of musculoskeletal movements that advance naturally, as when keying a lyrical passage on a flute. You might feel the same way when you recite a favourite poem, stanza by stanza, or when you control phrasing and breathing to sing a song. If some of today s complex origami models are similar to epic novels, then these origami butterflies are short, sweet, love sonnets. To help you relax and enjoy learning these folds, we have included a few haiku thoughts for you to ponder along the journey.

when you love to sing
sad lyrics are forgotten
happy words burst forth!

A Serendipitous Journey

when was the last time
you jumped over a puddle
then over a tree?

The butterfly's metamorphosis symbolizes change, and the transformation of a single square piece of paper into a beautiful origami butterfly can be as unexpected and wonderful as a real butterfly's progress as it emerges from a cocoon.

Prepare for a delightful journey full of surprises! Discover the satisfying shapes and powerful personas of the butterflies you create. We recall the events that transpired or the places we were when we first folded each special origami butterfly, and often name them after that location or occasion. Let each butterfly remind you of happy times and gatherings. Spread the pleasure of folding and the joy of serendipity by sharing them with your friends. Hold them dearly in your hearts as we have!

Special Butterfly Names

special folding friends
become part of the table
and never leave us

From the beginning, Michael LaFosse has named his favourite origami butterfly designs for the folding pioneers who spread the joy of origami through their creating, travelling, and teaching. Sometimes when he is exploring new combinations, proportions, and details, and he discovers something beautiful and unique, it can spontaneously remind him of a special origami ambassador, and then he names the piece for them. While it is difficult for him to explain, he does not set out to design a butterfly for a specific person, but rather, names a butterfly design only when it feels right.

What others have said about this book

"The combination of butterflies, origami and Michael LaFosse cannot be anything but magical. I guarantee that this book will enchant you." (GUY KAWASAKI, former chief evangelist at Apple)

"LaFosse and Alexander have built up an enviable reputation for producing top quality origami products. Their work is an inspiration." (NICK ROBINSON author of Origami For Dummies

"These pages present a kaleidoscope of colourful origami butterflies." (DAVE BRILL, former president of the British Origami Society)

"This book contains exquisite origami models, easy-to-follow diagrams, beautiful photographs lovingly and elegantly expressed." (RUSSELL CASHDOLLAR, origami designer and author,

This book contains print and video instructions for folding Michael G. LaFosse’s favourite origami butterfly designs. We chose a new selection of models to illustrate his origami butterfly design system, a series of decisions and techniques that will allow you to discover an unlimited variety of butterfly "species" by mixing and matching folding manoeuvres. Not only do the printed diagrams show how to fold them, the companion video DVDs show Michael explaining the steps as he folds. He also demonstrates wet-folding techniques (for creating lasting works of art from fine papers).

1st edition, 2013, paperback, 112pp, full colour throughout, includes 2xDVDs that contain video instructions of the processes contained within the book, 22 x 28cm 19 x 19cm

Origami Butterflies by Michael LaFosse (with Richard Alexander)
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