The Beauty of Zentangle® – Edited by Suzanne McNeill and Cindy Shepard



The Beauty of Zentangle® – Edited by Suzanne McNeill and Cindy Shepard



Publisher’s Synopsis:
Ignite Your Creativity with Beautiful Zentangle-Inspired.

Zentangle® is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon, attracting individuals from all walks of life. The Zentangle method is a relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing simple, easy-to-learn patterns. The Beauty of Zentangle celebrates this elegant new art form with hundreds of sensational one-of-a-kind designs from around the world.

Selected by the editors of Design Originals, the #1 publisher of Zentangle art, this amazing collection of Zentangle-inspired masterpieces encompasses a wide range of styles. Stunning works are included from breakthrough artists and Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs). Their inventive tangles are at the forefront of a new wave of creative expression and personal freedom.

A word from the creators of Zentangles:
"Anything is possible, one stroke at a time" (by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas)

Zentangle is a growing new art form that combines meditation, creativity, and fun. Almost anyone can enjoy drawing intricate tangles with the easy-to-learn Zentangle method. You don't need to be an artist or invest in expensive equipment – all you need is paper, pencil, and pen to get started. Zentangle allows you to relax and reduce the stress in your life while simultaneously creating something beautiful.

Enthusiasts around the globe are using this empowering technique to find meditative focus and artistic stimulation. This book surveys the best of their work to bring you today's most exciting examples of the Zentangle phenomenon. From classic tiles and monograms to Zendalas and dimensional art, use their vision to inspire your own personal Zentangle journey.

Introduction to the book by the editors:
Ignite Your Creativity with Beautiful Zentangle Art

Although it might seem simple, The Beauty of Zentangle is a phrase encompassing many aspects of the Zentangle method and Zentangle art. Even for individuals who have never seen a Zentangle piece before, the beauty of the art is immediately apparent, whether it's through the striking black and white patterns of a classic Zentangle, the natural symmetry of a Zendala, or the bright colours of a ZlA. Zentangle art draws on mindful patterns that can be found all around us in our daily lives, giving the art a natural feel that just seems "right."

Beyond the beauty of the art, though, is the beauty of the Zentangle method, which has the power to transform. Thousands of individuals practice the Zentangle method with thousands of different positive results, including increased self-confidence, a new ability to focus and solve problems, and a rejuvenated sense of inspiration and creativity. Individuals have used the Zentangle method for pain management, to cope with mental illness, for meditation, and simply to take a break from a hectic life and relax. Practicing the Zentangle method is an experience that is unique to each person and their own life, and the positive results are tremendous

The authors:
About Suzanne McNeill, CTZ
Suzanne is often known as "the Trendsetter" of arts and crafts. Dedicated to hands-on creativity, she constantly tests, experiments, and invents something new and fun. Suzanne has been the woman behind Design Originals, a publishing company dedicated to all things fun and creative. She is a designer, artist, columnist, TV personality, publisher, art instructor, author, and lover of everything hands-on. She authors top-selling books on the Zentangle method. Visit her blog to see events and a free tangle. She also shares her techniques and ideas in YouTube demonstrations.

About Cindy Shepard, CTZ
Cindy is an experimental artist whose focus is on recycled and mixed-media art. Cindy has authored two successful books showcasing recycled art: “Stash and Smash” and “Bottle Art”. Her whimsical, colourful style developed further after she attended a workshop with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The mindful patterns in the Zentangle drawing style find their way into her work to add energy and interest. She has won awards for her art, sold her art to private collectors, and shares her love for recycling and whimsy through teaching classes. Cindy has recently produced her own line of rubber stamps called Moustachio, featuring quirky Zentangle-inspired houses.

1st edition, 2014, paperback, 184pp, fully illustrated in colour and / or monochrome throughout, 21.7 x 28cm

The Beauty of Zentangle® – Edited by Suzanne McNeill and Cindy Shepard
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