Fountain Pens - The Collectors Guide by Jonathan Steinberg



Fountain Pens - The Collectors Guide by Jonathan Steinberg



Publisher’s Synopsis

A fountain pen is the ultimate writing instrument, a timeless symbol of elegance and style. This beautiful collector's guide examines the full range of fountain pen designs, from Waterman's ' famous 1884 patent to Parker's Aztec Indian pen and the rarities of the twentieth century.

Apart from providing an at-a-glance guide to hundreds of models, fountain pens shows collectors what to look for when examining pens, and even how to get the best deal when buying. Technical terms are explained, and distinguishing marks are pinpointed - allowing experts and novices to choose wisely every time.

The fascinating story of the invention and development of fountain pens is told with stunning full-size photographs and original illustrations. Finally, a comprehensive directory of key manufacturers and designs will help you expand your collection and knowledge. For anyone who appreciates the true value of the fountain pen, this book will be a revelation.
  • Full size colour photographs of the world's finest pens
  • Detailed guide to styles; manufacturing methods and distinguishing features
  • Expert practical advice on buying pens and expanding collections
About the author
Jonathan Steinberg is an international lawyer with twenty-five years of experience in the world of fountain pens. He organizes the famous fountain pen shows in Milan, Hong Kong, and Sao Paolo and has an extensive personal collection of pens. His reputation makes him a frequently quoted expert in the international media.

1st edition, 3rd reprint 1998, Hb, 80pp, full colour throughout, 24 x 31 cm

Fountain Pens - The Collectors Guide by Jonathan Steinberg
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