One Zentangle a Day a 6 week course in creative drawing



One Zentangle a Day - A 6 week course in creative drawing by Beckha Krahula



Publisher’s Synopsis:
One Zentangle – a Day is a beautiful, interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangle drawing as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises. Zentangles are a way to practice focused art meditation through drawing by using repetitive lines, marks, circles, and shapes. Specific patterns are called "tangles" and are combined to create "tiles" or small, square drawings.

Each of the 42 daily exercises illustrates how to create new tangles to draw in your sketchbook, offers tips on related art principles, and presents a Zentangle tile using those patterns. You will also find a beautiful Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) project that experiments with patterns, art principles, and new techniques.

The final chapter and a beautiful gallery show how Zentangle can be combined with other art and craft forms to create mixed-media artworks, jewellery, textiles, ornaments, and more. See how Zentangle drawing will sharpen your focus, expand your creativity, and enhance your skills!

Introduction to the book by the author:
Origins of Zentangle®
The creators of Zentangle® are Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. He is the Zen and she is the Tangle. Rick has had many diverse vocations, such as cabdriver, high-tech sales and distribution positions, financial analyst, investor, Native American-style flute designer and creator, writer, recording artist, and for many years, monk. Maria is a renowned lettering artist and entrepreneur, owner of Pendragon Ink, a custom stationery and design company based in Massachusetts.

Zentangle is the combination of Maria's art background and Rick's meditation background. While watching Maria work one day, Rick noticed that her state of concentration kept her completely focused on her work. Through discussion they realized what Maria experienced while creating was what Rick experienced while meditating. Together they worked to create a series of steps that allow anyone to achieve a relaxed focus while they create beautiful images using repetitive patterns. By using repetitive patterns with deliberate strokes, one becomes engrossed in each stroke and a shift of focus – i.e., a heightened awareness in which your mind, instincts, and knowledge all work together quickly, effortlessly, and accurately – can occur. They call this a meditational art form.

What Rick and Maria call a meditational art form many artists or athletes would describe as being in the zone: a Yoga instructor would call this creating a sacred space: others would refer to it as having a relaxed focus. Not only is Zentangle a way of creating beautiful pieces of art, but it has added benefits to help us through the hectic pace of today s lifestyle. Studies show that this type of activity increases mental retention, stimulates creativity, improves one's mood, can be calming during stressful situations, and can be used as a tool for anger management. For individuals who deal with complex information, practicing Zentangle resets the brain – as if you had a nap and woke refreshed. Zentangle teaches self-confidence through creating marks, designs, and freehand drawing and the eye-hand coordination needed for drawing.

These are quite a number of benefits when you consider a Zentangle takes only thirty minutes a day. In addition, you do not need to know how to draw because Zentangle will teach you. It does not require a lot of equipment, space, or technical ability. It can be brought everywhere and done anywhere, by anyone. No previous artistic ability is needed. Zentangle works for everyone.

About the author:
Beckah Krahula is an artist, published author, product designer and developer, and maker. She has taught nationally and internationally since 1996. She has been practicing Zentangle for four years and was certified as a Zentangle teacher in 2011. Her innovative art, products, ideas, tips, class schedules, and online classes can be found at

Follow her passion for tangling, her Zentangle journey, and inspiration for daily tangling and creating art on her blog,

1st edition, 2012, paperback, 128pp, full colour throughout, 23 x 21.7cm

One Zentangle a Day - A 6 week course in creative drawing by Beckha Krahula
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