Yoga for the Brain – A Zentangle® Workout by Sandy Steen Bartholomew



Yoga for the Brain – A Zentangle® Workout by Sandy Steen Bartholomew



Publisher’s Synopsis:
What is Zentangle®?
Zentangle is meditation achieved through pattern-making. A Zentangle is a complicated looking drawing that is built one line at a time. Simple tangles, or patterns, are combined in an unplanned way that grows and changes in amazing directions. With your mind engaged m drawing, your body relaxes. Anxiety and stress move to the back burner. Often, new insights are uncovered along with a sense of confidence in your creative abilities.

Zentangle was created by artists Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a tool to be used by artists and non-artists alike. For information about the process, instructions, and lots of beautiful examples, be sure to visit their website at

Introduction to the book by the author:
Welcome to Yoga For Your Brain!
The opposite of stressed is calm and balanced, right? Work, kids, life, money... if you could just balance it all...
But balance is actually a state of constant motion. Think of a tightrope walker, a plate spinner, a bicycle rider, or a gymnast on a balance beam. If they stop moving, just stand still, they fall. Balance involves constantly making small (sometimes huge) movements to compensate. The trick, I am learning, is flexibility. Adjust quickly, and you won't fall.

Zentangle® is the perfect exercise to keep that big muscle inside your skull flexible. Zentangle can help you stay calm and relaxed, but it also teaches you to notice your surroundings, to really pay attention, to use your hand-eye coordination (also good for balance!) and Zentangle can change your thoughts. Anyone can create a beautiful Zentangle. Once you realize that you are creative, your thoughts begin to change in other areas of your life too. Your brain will start telling you a new, more positive story: "You can do it!"

Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.

If you get Yoga for Your Brain, I'd love to hear about it! Write to me at:

Thanks to ... Rick and Maria - for creating Zentangle just when I really, really needed it. And for asking "What else do you think you can't do?" Suzanne - for saying "So, tell me about your book?" .. and to Jen C. for being the role model I so desperately needed.

About the author:
Sandy Steen Bartholomew is an author, illustrator, mixed-media artist, and a Certified Zentangle Teacher. She runs a creativity general store (Wingdoodle), a mini-gallery (The Beehive), a studio (BeezInk Studio), a teaching studio (The Belfry), and an Etsy shop (Bumble-bat). Her life looks like a Zentangle!

She is inspired by juicy, jewel-tones and rusty-crusty, peeling, earth-covered things. Magic and mystery, bits and pieces, and weird little creatures. If it sits still, she'll paint it. Sandy lives with her husband, two kids and a cat in their colourful, mixed-media house in Warner, NH - a town full of introverted artists she has never met.

Visit her website:

1st edition, 2011, paperback, 51pp, full colour throughout, 21.7 x 21.7cm

Yoga for the Brain – A Zentangle® Workout by Sandy Steen Bartholomew
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