Book Art Studio Handbook by Stacie Dolan and Amy Lapidow



Book Art Studio Handbook by Stacie Dolan and Amy Lapidow



Publisher’s Synopsis : How to make Books, Albums, Slipcases and More.

There's nothing like making your own sketchbook or wrapping a favourite book in the perfect homemade slipcase. And you can create it all yourself! Select the tools and materials you'll need, master basic bookbinding techniques, and practice your new skills on 12 eye-catching projects. Then explore the gallery of variations for more inspiration to make each book form your own. Whether you're an experienced bookbinder or new to the art, you will discover how to take your books to the next level.

With Book Art Studio Handbook, you'll learn how to:
  • Set up your workspace or studio.
  • Choose the right board, paper, book cloth, and other supplies for your project.
  • Fold a textblock, make a sewing template, glue a cover, and practice other essential techniques.
  • Create albums: Imagine your photos in an accordion album with frames, for example.
  • Create books: How about a flexible tacketed book to customize?
  • Create enclosures: From slipcase to French box.
  • Challenge yourself: Try your hand at an advanced project, such as a travel journal.

Introduction to the book by the authors:
Welcome to Book Art Studio Handbook! This primer covers the fundamentals of creating books and related objects by hand. Basic tools and materials are described, as well as the essential techniques and concepts to use them effectively.

This guide will show you that you can create interesting work with minimal equipment, a little bit of time, and a dose of imagination. We will teach you the skills you need to make beautiful, structurally sound books to house photographs, writing, illustrations, and much more You can easily alter the Structures we describe to accommodate a variety of content. And all of the books featured in this primer are easy to make without the use of large equipment.

While making the projects, refer to the introductory sections on materials, tools, and techniques to become adept in their use. Understanding the materials on hand and accommodating them accordingly will minimize later problems with the structures. Having the right tools for the job will make things much easier, and will aid in your mastery of the techniques and fine hand skills described; practice using these things together in order to hone your fine hand skills.

Each section is fully illustrated to enhance the step-by-step instructions. Look at the tip boxes for extra pieces of advice. The gallery photos at the beginning of each project will show you variations to spur ideas. Mix, match, and combine ideas or techniques from one project to another. Be patient and have fun!

Additional pieces in the gallery pages will inspire you with ideas of what you can do with these techniques. Experiment with materials that inspire you and make the book your own. books!

Contents include:
  • Planning Your Studio: Create Your Workspace, Basic Equipment to Have on Hand, Tools and Equipment That Are Nice to Have.
  • Basic Techniques and Definitions: Plan Your Project, Choose a Binding Style, Determine the Grain, How Much Paper Do You Need?, Cut the Materials, Glue the Materials, Other Techniques.
  • Studio Projects – Albums: Woven Album, Stiff-Leaved Stub Album, Accordion Album with Frames.
  • Studio Projects – Books: Tacketed Book, Friend-of-a-Friend Book, Sketchbook.
  • Studio Projects – Enclosures: 5-Minute Slipcase, Slipcase, French Box.
  • Studio Projects – Advanced Projects: Limp Paper, Travel Journal, Book in a Box.

1st edition, 2013, paperback, 160pp, full colour throughout, 20.8 x 25.8cm

Book Art Studio Handbook by Stacie Dolan and Amy Lapidow
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