Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures by Erin Zamrzla



Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures by Erin Zamrzla



Publisher’s Synopsis :
Handmade Books are the ideal way to take note of those things that ignite your creativity and Inspire adventures. These twenty simple projects are meant to be used while out and about – from a canvas-covered camping songbook to a waterproof book just right for the beach, these books are designed with fun in mind. Traditional Japanese bookbinding techniques meet contemporary style In this unique collection of projects; the clear step-by-step instructions and beautiful photos make this the perfect book for beginners and experienced binders alike,

Erin Zamrzla has loved making things from paper for as long as she can remember. She took her first bookbinding class as a design student, and thus began a wonderful adventure. She is the author of At Home with Handmade Books and currently designs, teaches, and binds books in California. See more of her work at erinzam.com.

Introduction to the book by the author:
I always carry a book and pen with me, as I never know when inspiration will strike. When I create a new handmade book, I often consider how well it will travel with me on my daily journeys. Think of all the places you go, day in and day out. How often do you jot notes, make lists, write, journal, sketch, or draw?

The projects in this book are designed to bring along with you on your day-to-day adventures. Not only will you find unique places to journal and sketch, but you will discover projects to join you just about anywhere you may go. Bookbinding is a versatile craft; for me, it combines my love of paper and interesting materials with functional projects. Traditional Japanese bookbinding forms the basis for the projects within these pages. You will find several variations of historical stab bindings and accordion folds.

The Japanese four-hole, noble, hemp-leaf, and tortoise-shell bindings hold together pages and covers through holes that penetrate all the way through a book. This is why they are often called stab bindings. The stitching patterns are flexible and leave room for experimentation. You can adapt them to all book sizes and a variety of materials. The Yamato and account bookbindings also stitch through the entire thickness of a book. Account books traditionally have long strings that extend off the binding and can be used to hang your book wherever you like. Ledger books are not stab bound but are sewn along the fold of pages folded in half. They are quick and easy to make.

The pages of accordion and flutter books are created from a long strip of paper folded back and forth until it is just the right size to fit inside the cover. The only difference between the two bindings is the cover; accordion books are sandwiched between two separate covers, while the cover of a flutter book is constructed of one piece and wraps around the spine.

The only non-traditional binding included among the projects is the glue binding. This simple binding can be used as an inner binding to hold the pages of a book together before attaching the covers with a decorative stab binding.

I took the liberty to update and adapt the traditional bindings for use with modern materials. I encourage the creative use of recycled materials and materials that you already have.

The projects in this book vary from basic to advanced. If you have never tried bookbinding before, this is a great place to start. If you are already familiar with these bindings, you will still find unique and challenging projects to create.

There are many places to go and many new things to try. Why not start by creating a handmade book to bring with you on your next adventure?

Contents include:
  1. Everyday Outings: Grocery List Pad, Lunch Box Notes, Necklace Book, Cross Stitch Cover, Write Your Own Story Journal.
  2. Outdoor Play: Treasure Hunt Collection Bag and Notebook, Little League Score Book, Waterproof Book, Bicycle Book, Texture Collector.
  3. Nature Excursions: Observation Journal, Leaf and Flower Press, Gone Fishing Notebook, Star Gazing Log, Camping Songbook.
  4. Road Trip: Tiny Tickets Memorabilia Book, Photo Notes, Notes from the Road Postcard Book, Fold-Out Map Booklet, Things to Check-out Book.
  5. Other sections: Bookbinding Tools and Materials, Bookbinding Basics, Stitching Techniques.

1st edition, 2013, hardback, 196pp, full colour throughout, 19.7 x 23.8cm

Handmade Books for Everyday Adventures by Erin Zamrzla
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