Illumination – Tools, Materials, Techniques, Projects by Patricia Lovett.



Illumination – Tools, Materials, Techniques, Projects by Patricia Lovett.



Publisher’s Synopsis:
An introduction to gold, quills, vellum, egg tempera painting, and the use of gold, other metals and colour for easy and also more challenging projects, including the step-by-step process of how to gild and paint a mediaeval miniature.

This completely new DVD, suitable for both beginners and those with more experience, demonstrates the tools and materials you will need to make the best use of colour and gold in the pen and brush. Techniques are carefully explained in step-by-step processes, and there are clear explanations of what to do if things go wrong. Although traditional methods and materials are included, modern adhesives, tools, and materials are also considered for those who prefer a quicker result. There are ideas for using calligraphy and colour with gold in addition.

Patricia Lovett, an Honoured Fellow of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society, is world-renowned as an expert on the tools and materials used in mediaeval manuscripts. She has written a number of books on the subject and has taught and lectured all over the world. She teaches regular courses on Painting and Gilding a Mediaeval Miniature.

Includes vellum selection, treatment, and stretching, quills and quill cutting, how to mix and use egg tempera paints, gouache for painting and writing, papers, gold leaf and shell gold, metallic gouache and powders, other metallic leaves, how to make, use and gild gesso, burnishers and brushes, and using colour and gold and metals to make gift tags, cards and names plates, writing on vellum and step-by-step gilding and painting a mediaeval miniature.

Contents of the DVD:
Tools and Materials
Vellum and Parchment, Treating Vellum, Stretching Vellum, Paper, Gold Leaf, Other Metallic Leaves, Gold Powder and Shell Gold, Metallic Gouache and Powders, Burnishers, Brushes, Points, Pigments and Egg Tempera, Gesso, Adhesives, Quills, Pens.

Projects include:
Gift Tags, Cards, Nameplates, Text with Gold, Writing on Vellum, Gilding and Painting a Mediaeval Miniature.

Further Information:
Making Oak Gall Ink, Making Egg Tempera, Making Shell Gold, Making Shell Gold from Gold Scraps, Making Gesso, Reconstituting Gesso, Useful Contacts.

This DVD complements and can be used alongside Patricia Lovett's book Illumination: Gold and Colour.

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Booksellers comments:
This is an amazing DVD! Packed with over 3 hours of footage covering the complete spectrum of gilding. Recommended for not only beginners in this area but also those with some experience of gilding that want to develop their skills

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1st edition, 2012, DVD will work in all regions, running time 3+ hours

Illumination – Tools, Materials, Techniques, Projects by Patricia Lovett.
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