Adolf Bernd The painted letters of Adolf Bernd by Manny Ling and Peter Thornton



Adolf Bernd The Painted Letters of Adolf Bernd by Manny Ling and Peter Thornton



SAD NEWS!! - All copies of the 2nd print run of the 1st edition of The Painted Letters of Adolf Bernd have now been sold.

However, there is also some GOOD NEWS!!
The curators of the exhibition held in 2006, are in discussions with the Bernd family about having a new and expanded exhibition during the first half of 2017 as a result of a huge interest that has been created over the last ten years. This will, of course mean that a new catalogue will also be printed.

If you are interested in owning a copy of this unique book then this is your opportunity to pre-order a copy. No charges will be made to your card until your book is in stock.

Once the new catalogue is available orders will be processed in the order of receipt so order your copy NOW!!

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An introduction to the 1st edition of the book by Peter Thornton:
The impetus to put together a selection of Adolf Bernd's letter paintings was the shocking realisation a few years ago that his work is practically unknown in Britain, the United States and even his homeland, Germany. One of my students in Hamburg, Dieter Seumenicht, was most supportive of my enthusiasm for Bernd's work, and it is to him that I owe my introduction to the Bernd family, and the chance to discover more about Adolf's life and work. Some five years ago Dieter arranged for me to meet Mrs Bernd, Adolf's widow, who most kindly and enthusiastically agreed to share her husband's paintings with us.

I am also grateful to Adolf's grandchildren for helping me, together with Antje and Gunther Stapelfeldt of the a-g Galerie in Wentorf, to assemble the present pieces. It was Antje and Gunther who originally invited me to teach in Hamburg, which has become an annual event. The Students' enthusiasm for Bernd's work gave me the chance to indulge in his stunning letter paintings while tailoring my teaching around them.

Adolf Bernd: his life
Born in August 1909 in Kaiserslautern in the Pfalz region of Germany, Adolf Bernd was surrounded from an early age by art and artists, his father being a sculptor of some note. On completion of his school education, Bernd enrolled as a guest trainee at the Masters Art.

Bernd's first job was with the Bauerische Foundry where he was responsible for developing their stand at the World Exhibition in Barcelona. He later opened his own Studio in Neustadt before moving to Hanover in 1948. There he went on to win numerous national and European awards in the field of advertisement design

It was not until 1971 however, at the age of 61, that Bernd channelled his interest from purely commercial design to work that drew more on his own imagination and passion for colour. The result was his famous letter paintings which would absorb him for over twenty years until his death in December 1994.

2nd edition, 2015, paperback, 32pp, full colour photographs and diagrams throughout, 20 x 20cm

Adolf Bernd The Painted Letters of Adolf Bernd by Manny Ling and Peter Thornton
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