Paper Delights by Cherryl Moote



Paper Delights by Cherryl Moote



Introduction to the book by the author…
I can still remember the first time I saw fine Japanese papers. I walked into the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto and I was transfixed by a wall of chiyogami papers folded to look like bolts of fabric. It was love at first sight!

Japanese papers are wonderful to look at because the colours are rich and luscious. They are wonderful to touch because the fibres are varied and sensual. They are wonderful to work with because they respond easily and work with you to produce a stunning finished project. Unlike western paper, Japanese paper is warm to touch and seems to come alive in my hands as I work with it.

The projects in this book have been chosen because each in its own way allows you to showcase the exquisite nature of the paper. For most of the projects, I have used small pieces of wonderful papers that have magical names like chiyogami, somegami, wazome....Of course, all of these projects can be made with a wide variety of papers that you may already have in your paper stash. Mix and match to your heart's content but do treat yourself to the experience of working with the real thing.

Once again, this book wouldn't have been possible without the support and generosity of my friends, family and fellow artists.

Nancy Jacobi and the staff of the Japanese Paper Place have been supportive of my artistic journey even when I was rank amateur with a toddler in tow. They give generously of their time, knowledge and sunny dispositions.

My daughter, Victoria, has become an accomplished studio photographer over the course of my writing career. Photographing the samples for these books is challenging and she does a superb job. Go to to see all of the images from the book in colour.

My husband continues to offer technical support and should be commended for the years of unflinching courage he has shown in the face of living with an artist, her mess and her crew.

And speaking of the crew, the brave souls who tested the instructions for this book were: Carol Ayers, Ruth Booth, Nona Brown, Bella Chang Fong, Lisa Cheung, Kathy David, Linda Fielding, Lillian Grammer, Sylvie Greeniaus, Lynn Lefler, Carol Moote, Ann O'Shea, Gail Messina and Ruth Carroll.

Special mention must be given to Judy Robuliak who has a unique view of the paper crafting industry and offers me her advice, honesty and support. Carol Ayers has taken on the thankless task of trying to understand my disorganized office practices and hasn't given up on me yet. And once more my thanks go to Lynn Lefler for her skills as an editor, mentor, artist and friend. Cherryl Moote

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1st edition 2004, paperback, ring bound, 128pp, monochrome but colour images are available on, 14.5 x 21.5 cm.

Paper Delights by Cherryl Moote
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