Paper Made!! – by Kayte Terry



Paper Made! – by Kayte Terry



The Recycling Bin is the New Craft Closet
  • From Magazines, Catalogues, and Books:
    • Ring Around the Rosy Vase
    • Pulp Fiction Bowls
    • Hardcover Book Bag
    • Starstruck String of Lights
    • Jacob’s Ladder Chain
  • Tissue and Wrapping Paper:
    • Kirigami Wallflowers
    • Cup of Tea Cards
    • Paper Poms
    • The Bee's Knees Piñata
  • Envelopes, Boxes, and Mailers:
    • Cardboard Curio Shelf
    • Modern Fete Silhouette Chandelier
    • Never Bored Cardboard Table
    • Paper Pillow Boxes
  • Wallpaper, Maps, and More:
    • Bird on a Wire Mobile
    • Queen of Hearts Necklace
    • Globetrotter Photo Mat
    • (Not Exactly a) Full Deck Lamp Shade

Publisher’s synopsis
Think Outside the (Cardboard) Box
It's the new bible of paper craft: 101 amazing projects made out of the most versatile and commonly available material ever. Fold it, crumple it, stitch it, glue it. You can do anything with paper, and in step-by-step, illustrated directions, Kayte Terry shows you how, from simple folding projects to papier-mache and decoupage. Even building furniture! Transform coloured tissue paper into votives, a handful of playing cards into a lampshade, or a spool of raffle tickets into a playful bowl. Create a hardcover handbag, gum wrapper bracelets, and much more.

About the author
Kayte Terry is visual merchandising manager for Anthropologic, an expert crafter, and a freelance fashion and prop stylist. Her craft projects have appeared in many magazines, as well as on US TV Craft Channels. Kayte Terry lives in Philadelphia.

1st edition, 2012, paperback, 248pp, full colour throughout, 20.4 x 23 cm

Paper Made! – by Kayte Terry
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