Fold by Cherryl Moote



Fold by Cherryl Moote



Introduction to the book by the author
One of my earliest memories is of folding paper. I'm sitting at a desk in a primary classroom and my hands are hidden inside the storage area under the arborite top on the desk. I am quietly engaged in harvesting the valuable bottoms from dittoed seat work in order to have paper to create small miniature dioramas, h seems I have always had a sense that paper was valuable and that it was an entryway into the magical world of art and craft. One of the things that is still magical for me is the transformative power of paper and fold combined, and that is what I am offering you with this collection of paper crafting projects.

I've been collecting folded envelope patterns and explosion folds for almost twenty years. Each time I learn a new one it is a little slice of delight. In the beginning I put them to good use by making greeting cards and the occasional pop-up book. In recent years they have found their way into my travel journals, artists books and classroom sample books.

The centre section of the book is comprised of three projects that don t fit into any neat category. The Origami Star is a wonderful piece of folding and holds all sorts of magical, mathematical secrets. Do be sure to try making a pentagon using just a square of paper with the instructions on Page 120. You will be amazed! The Pyramid Box is so simple to make and such a unique 3D display piece. The folded book sculptures were a hit with everyone who saw my newly decorated bathroom last year so I just had to share the instructions with you. In addition to being a fantastic way to decorate, they are inexpensive and a good example of recycling at its best.

The book projects are a mix of golden oldies and recent acquisitions. The common denominator is their reliance on folding, and the total absence of glue usage in their creation. Several of the books like Leporello’s Pockets and the Meishi Journal, have many obvious, practical uses. All of them have a place in the world of artists' books as they offer, as Anne of Green Gables would say, lots of scope for imagination.

I have as usual, had a wonderful group of testers who have helped me fine tune the instructions in this book. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a diverse set of talents and hands to the testing tables: Carol Ayers, Ruth Booth, Bella Chang Fong, Lisa Cheung, Annie DeMilo, Caroline Disher, Natalie Drajewicz, Toba Feldman, Linda Fielding, Lucy Garvin, Sheila Jonah, Lynn Lefler, Liz Menard, Linda Prussick, Hoki Sato, Cheryl Smith, and Shoshana Teitelman.

Lynn Lefler has again lent her eagle eye to the editing Process. WE have fallen into a wonderful pattern of question abd response over the years. Her gentle “Did we hyphenate last time?” answered by my blank stare and "I don't know." 'That's fine." she says, “I’ll check." And she does. I seem to have skipped the year they taught proper rules for apostrophes, hyphens and complex punctuation. She didn't. In the evolving world of grammar she is my touchstone. Sometimes I opt for a more modern, laissez faire approach to the grammar and punctuation but any errors are my fault, not hers.

My husband Stan and my daughter Victoria have taken the photos for this book. They are getting quite good at this and have even found ways of photographing my hands at work using a mirror so they can get better angles and views of the folding process. Many of the projects in this book aren't easy to photograph, relying as they do on paper engineering and the movement of opening and closing for their real ‘aha’ moments, so I am particularly indebted to them for taking the time and patience to play up the angles and folds in the photos.

As usual, we have put the black and white images in this book on our website ( in colour in a gallery section devoted to Fold. That is all I have to say by way of introduction. Now it is time for you to get folding!

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1st edition, 2011, ring-bound paperback, 130pp, very well illustrated with colour plates of finished items, 21.3 x 28 cm

Fold by Cherryl Moote
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