1000 More Greetings Creative Correspondence for all occasions



1000 More Greetings Creative Correspondence for all occasions



Greetings often provide designers with the chance to truly stretch their creative wings through personal expression. The follow-up to 1,000 greetings, 1,000 more greetings highlights a diverse cross section of current trends in graphic design. Corporate cutbacks and increased electronic connectivity are each variables that have contributed to the democratization of design in recent times, and the collection in this book reflects that. Everything from mass-produced to limited-edition pieces, from hand-drawn to computer-generated art, from conventional to renegade printing methods are all represented side-by-side in this compilation.

The book includes a broad definition of greetings that includes everything from announcements from new baby to new company information; invitations from weddings to gallery openings; as well as moving cards; event posters; holiday greetings; birthday cards; gift cards; and more.

About the author:
Aesthetic Movement is a think tank for smart, creative collaborations and a harbinger of style. We believe that considered design and frequent brushes with beauty can enhance the overall quality of life, and we aim to contribute to that end with every project and partnership we undertake. Our unique ability to provide award-winning design services alongside our recognized sales and marketing expertise enables us to present clients with the most comprehensive solutions from concept to product to market. Through the creation of relationships, products, and environments,Aesthetic Movement endeavours to move hearts and minds by advocating the extraordinary not proliferating the ordinary.

1st edition, 2010, paperback, 320pp, 1000 ideas for greetings in full colour, 24 x23.x cm

1000 More Greetings Creative Correspondence for all occasions
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