Words Set Free by Members of the Letter Exchange



Words Set Free by Members of the Letter Exchange


Words Set Free by Members of the Letter Exchange
Words Set Free - An exhibition of the work of members of Letter Exchange at The Free Word Centre - September 26th to October 22nd 2012

Forward to the book:
The written word engages the eye as well as the mind. Stories, news and opinions are delivered to us in many different ways: handwritten on paper, carved in wood or stone, printed, incised or viewed on a screen. The right combination of message and medium can broaden perception and intensify the reading experience, engaging our emotions while helping to convey ideas from their source directly to the consciousness of the spectator.

At Letter Exchange, this is what we do. Our members come from all corners of the lettering arts - calligraphy, lettercutting, typography and design but we have one thing in common: we make words visible. We work with language to bring it to life, to focus attention on ideas, to embody the music of the words or the tone of the writers thoughts. By making the act of reading an aesthetic as well as an intellectual experience, we hope to encourage the viewer to pause for thought and to let these words enter memory.

So the words we work with are important. They may crystallise an idea or ask a question or reveal a contradiction, but they must have meaning and purpose.

No purpose can be more valuable or relevant today than that implied by the name of our exhibition venue: the Free Word Centre. It is also the inspiration for our exhibitions theme: Words Set Free. Freedom of expression, be it political or artistic, is something we are lucky enough to enjoy; the pieces exhibited here are a reminder that this is something to be celebrated and not taken for granted.

The works on show are as varied as the imaginations of the individual writers and craftspeople involved: in turns thought-provoking, profound, exciting and exuberant. This creative diversity is the lifeblood of Letter Exchange.

Letter Exchange is a wide-ranging and eclectic mix of professionals in the lettering arts who share the highest standards of craftsmanship and skill. By the nature of our practise, most of us work alone. So the organisation acts as a melting pot where we can meet, discuss, debate and be inspired by the work of our peers. We do this in various ways: through our lecture programme and studio visits, our twice-yearly journal Forum, and our yearbook.

This exhibition is a snapshot of the skills, styles, techniques, and approaches practised by our members. We hope you enjoy it. You can find much more on our website www.letterexchange.org. Mark Noad Chairman, Letter Exchange

Contributors include:
Cherrell Avery, Brenda Berman, Joke Boudens, Mourad Boutros, Ann Bowen, Gary Breeze, Jerry Cinamon, Lieve Cornil, Charlotte Howarth, Susan Hufton, Ben Jones, Sally-Mae Joseph, Lin Kerr, Jean Larcher, Susie Leiper, Manny Ling, John Neilson, Mark Noad, Anna Parker, Massimo Polello,Michael Rust, Robbie Schneider, Annet Stirling and Philip Surey.

1st edition, 2012, paperback, 56pp, full colour throughout, 13.1 x 21 cm

Words Set Free by Members of the Letter Exchange
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