Very Simple Arabic Script by James Peters



Very Simple Arabic Script by James Peters



Introduction to the book by the author
One of the reasons Arabic is considered a difficult language to learn is the daunting appearance of the script. However, it is not as complicated as it looks and my aim in this book is to explain it in the simplest of terms, enabling visitors to the Arab world to read the words, notices and signs they see around them and know how they sound. The book is also intended to be comprehensive enough to provide a good grounding for serious students of the language.
A knowledge of the script is generally regarded as the key to a proper understanding of the Arabic language, and a basic grammar and vocabulary have been included for those who wish to make a start in that direction.
Allow yourself time to absorb the information. The explanations of the letters and the script are designed to be read in sequence and, given time, will result in a clear understanding of the Arabic writing system.

About the author
James Peters, an experienced Arabist, studied Arabic at Durham University and the British Foreign Office Middle East Centre for Arab Studies in Lebanon. He has lived and worked in the Arab world as a soldier, diplomat and businessman for over fifty years.

He is the author of Very Simple Arabic, Very Simple Arabia (sister titles to this volume) and The Arab World Handbook.

What others have said about this book
“Everyone visiting the Middle East should be able to read Arabic. This book is the best way to learn.” – Middle East Economic Digest

”At first sight Arabic script seems intimidating and difficult to unravel - but it's easier than it looks! James Peters steers the reader gently through its apparent intricacies and opens the door to a fascinating and beautiful language.” – Middle East Association. “A remarkably lucid and readable introduction ato the complexities of the Arabic script.” – Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Durham

“Simplicity and clarity are admirable goals, and in his approach to the Arabic script Mr Peters has achieved them both.” – Institute for Translation and Interpreting

A user-friendly approach to "modern standard Arabic" presented with simplicity and humour.' – Farnham Castle International Briefing and Conference Centre

1st edition, 3rd reprint 2012, paperback, 118pp, well illustrated, 10.5 x 20.3 cm

Very Simple Arabic Script by James Peters
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