Handmade Type Workshop by Charlotte Rivers



Handmade Type Workshop by Charlotte Rivers



Publisher’s Synopsis
Handmade Type Workshop - Techniques for Creating Original Characters and Digital Fonts.
Type and font creation remains one of the most popular and important aspects of graphic design, and this book adds to these studies by focusing on the handmade aesthetic, tapping into its resurgent popularity among designers, illustrators and type enthusiasts alike.

This practical guide to handcrafting creative fonts is packed with tutorials, profiles and inspirational showcases from a range of international contemporary practitioners, including Lisa Congdon, Yoshi Tajima, Mathilde Nivet, Tyrone Ohia, Honey Design, Amandine Alessandra and many more. Taking font creation back to basics, this comprehensive book explores innovative ways to design contemporary lettering of all kinds, examining everything from classic design examples to 3D and illustrated fonts, digital lettering and radical conceptual alphabet.

Handmade Type Workshop is ideal for anyone looking to move beyond existing typography and fonts to create, explore and use original or customized letterforms.

Introduction to the book:
The creation of lettering and type is an inspiring and experimental area of graphic design, not to mention versatile. Lettering and type are complex disciplines that are constantly engendering innovation and reinvention. Type is everywhere, guiding, teaching and speaking to us. It is an essential starting point for creative communication.

With the arrival of computers, specifically the Mac in the 1980s, the designing of fonts became a largely digital affair, but recent years have seen a return to the popularity of the art of the handcrafted letter. Along with many other areas of design, the aesthetic of the handmade type is a rapidly growing trend among designers, illustrators and type enthusiasts of all stripes. That is not to say that computers are no longer involved, as typically they are, at some stage in the process. However, they tend merely to serve as a tool for design.

Traditionally seen as the purview of professional typographers, lettering is now created freely and without boundaries by all manner of creatives, and the number of different methods and media that are being used to create it is seemingly infinite. From hand-drawing with pencil and paper to knitting, sewing and stitching, to using light installations, jelly and even toothpaste, designers are communicating messages in many different ways. Such experimentation simply proves that one of the things that makes lettering and type so fascinating is the flexibility to interpret, and sometimes even break, the traditional rules of creating it.

Shown throughout this book are examples of type design that will inspire, energize and fuel creativity. The book also provides practical details on how to go about creating different type and lettering. The first section explores different ways in which lettering and type can be created and includes chapters on the hand-drawn; printed and stitched, digitally drawn, 3D or installation-based type, and found and photographed type. The second section outlines how to take handmade type and create a complete working font from it.

Together these examples demonstrate that the ways in which to approach a brief that requires words or letters go far beyond what is available on a designer's Mac or can be bought online. From creating illustrated to installation-based type or photographing found type, the solutions are many and varied. Of course not only is creating original lettering or type by hand an opportunity to make a unique font specific to a particular project, 't is then also owned by its creator, forever.

About the author
Charlotte Rivers is a widely published writer on design. She is the author of Reinventing Letterpress, CD-Art, Mag-Art, Book-Art, Poster-Art, Promo-Art, The Best of Disc-Art and Maximalism for RotoVision.

1st edition, 2011, paperback, 176pp, full colour throughout, packed with over 450 colour illustrations, 19.1 x 26.4 cm

Handmade Type Workshop by Charlotte Rivers
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