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Memorials by Artists for young people, children and babies



Bookseller’s Comments
PLEASE NOTE: this book has been created for the specific reason of helping those that are thinking about commissioning a memorial for a recently lost loved one.

I have included it, together with other books from the Memorial Arts Charity, within my stocklist as I feel that the superb quality of work contained within them would be inspirational to anyone interested in cutting letters in stone or other media.

This book contains stunning work by the following artists:
Geoffrey Aldred, Jacky Allan, John Andrew, Harry Brockway, Mark Brooks, Peter Coates, Martin Cook, David Crowe, Andrew Daish, John Das Gupta, Mark Evans, Bettina Furnee, Stuart Garner, Pip Hall, Joe Hemming, David Holgate, Charlotte Howarth, Martin Jennings, Celia Kilner, Richard Kindersley, Richard Klose, Giles Macdonald, Eric Marland, Sarah More, John Nash, John Neilson, John Pitt, Ieuan Rees, Michael Renton, James Salisbury, Jamie Sargeant, Charles Smith, Alan Thewlis, Simon Verity and Andrew Whittle.

The Foreword of the book by Harriet Frazer
I had the idea for Memorials by Artists in 1988. This was three years after my step-daughter Sophie died by suicide. She was 26. I had brought Soph and her twin Kate up from when they were five years old, following the death of their mother. It became a sort of mission to find someone to make a unique memorial to Soph, a fine headstone which would celebrate her life. I did not know how to begin and it was a long search, but in the end I discovered Simon Verity who designed and carved a beautiful memorial to her (frontispiece). Simon understood what we were trying to express or and the whole experience of working with him on the ideas and the design for the memorial helped a great deal in our bereavement.

The experience of searching for, and eventually finding, a beautiful memorial for Soph led to the idea of helping others who might find themselves in a similar situation. Harriet Frazer

Introduction to the book by Harriet Frazer and Hilary Meynell
We have talked about bringing this book to fruition for many years. At last it is here and we hope it will help bereaved parents, and perhaps other members of the family too, in the realising of a memorial.

The important thing to discover is that there is an enormous variety of ways of commemorating a life and that a memorial can take any form (there are, however, churchyard and cemetery rules and regulations for memorials that have to be adhered to. These are discussed within the book). Also that collaboration with the maker can be a helpful and creative experience.

Many people say that the placing of the memorial is the last thing you can do for the child that has died. It is possible though to continue the bond in other ways - a poem framed and hung in your home, a pebble found or carved to keep in your pocket, planting a tree, a shrub or a bed of wild flowers, an engraved glass window - anything is possible.

Throughout the book we have used quotations from many of the families we have worked with, since the experience of those who have gone before can sometimes offer the greatest help and encouragement to those who are starting out.

Whether you use this book to find your own way or whether you come back to us we hope it will be useful to you. Harriet Frazer and Hilary Meynell

1st edition, 2005, paperback, 78pp, full colour throughout, over 100 photographs and illustrations, 22 x 21 cm

Memorials by Artists for young people, children and babies
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