Memorials by Artists – A practical guide… by the Memorial Arts Charity



Memorials by Artists – A practical guide… by the Memorial Arts Charity



About this book
This book is a practical guide for those considering commissioning work from a designer-lettercutter. The difference is explained between a memorial from an individual maker and one ordered from a trade firm, and topics such as choosing the words and the type of stone are covered. Many of the questions that will arise are touched upon, from the nature of the design process to churchyard and cemetery rules, ending with a section suggesting all that needs to be considered when first consulting a lettercutter. It is also an inspirational book for any lettercutter wanting to work with stone, wood or other materials.

Foreword of the book by Harriet Frazer
I had the idea for Memorials by Artists in 1988, three years after my stepdaughter, Sophie, died by suicide. She was 26. I had brought Soph and her twin Kate up from when they were five years old, following the death of their mother. At the time I felt I had failed Sophie, and it became a sort of mission to find someone to make a unique memorial to her, a fine headstone that would celebrate her life. I did not know how to begin and it was a long search, but in the end we discovered Simon Verity. He understood what we were trying to convey and the whole experience of collaborating with him on the ideas for Soph's memorial, and the result being a beautiful memorial for her, helped a great deal in our bereavement.

It was this 'journey’, including the problems we had with church-yard rules and regulations (we were not allowed four lines from one of Soph's poems), that led me to the idea of founding Memorials by Artists to help others who might find themselves in a similar situation, and also to help foster the art and craft of creating unique well-designed memorials.

Memorials by Artists has evolved through various forms since then, but a constant feature has been the series of booklets illustrating much of the best work being done in the field, and offering background information and advice to guide people through the process of commissioning. This 4th edition is much expanded, and aims to enlighten and inform anyone interested in having a good individual memorial made. Harriet Frazer, July 2008

1st edition 2008, paperback, 44pp, well illustrated throughout, with over one hundred colour photographs. 20.4 x 20.4 cm

Memorials by Artists – A practical guide… by the Memorial Arts Charity
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