Designing Faces, Figures, Florals and more (Contemporary Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy) by Linda Schneider



Designing Faces, Figures, Florals and more (Contemporary Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy) by Linda Schneider



Introduction to the book by the author
I was mesmerised with how gracefully the pen danced across the paper, making beautiful loops and swirls. When the letters and words started flowing from my pen after much practice, I was as exhilarated as a bird taking flight. Though I have been a professional calligrapher using the broad edge pen for years, once I started using the pointed pen I fell so in love with it that rarely a day goes by in which I don't pick it up. It is an oasis in my life, a time of relaxation, and peace mixed with inspiration and excitement. I put on my favourite music, enjoy a piece of dark chocolate, take a deep breath, and begin my pen work. Can life get any better? I hope you will find the same love and relaxation that I have found as you pick up the pointed pen and design your own pieces of art whether they are faces, figures, florals or graceful script. I wish you hours of enjoyment and blessing.

Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy in the past has been recognized for its beauty in the fine flourished loops mainly depicting birds, feathers, and scrolls. During the Golden Age of Penmanship, generally between 1850 and 1925, art and penmanship blended to bring a rich beauty and grace to ink and paper. To learn more and see the beautiful penmanship and the art of calligraphy of the past and present Master Penmen and Penwomen, please visit the website of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting ( and They are worth looking at for inspiration and free instruction on the pointed pen and will work well with this book.

Designing Faces, Figures, Florals and More is an instructional book that teaches how to draw and design beautiful faces, flourishing ladies and fabulous florals. The lessons are taught in an easy to learn, classical style, using doodling techniques with graceful pointed pen flourishes. This book is filled with illustrations for inspiration and instruction. It is intended to be used as a workbook, including designated areas for the reader to draw designs along with the sample illustrations.

As you work through this book I hope you will let your pencil or pen dance across your paper as if on a dance floor, making ballroom turns and graceful swings, and the next minute breaking into the old-fashioned Tango or contemporary Break Dancing. Make up the rules as your pen glides spontaneously around the paper. Use your imagination to go where no other design has gone before, charting new creative territory.

Booksellers comments
I fear that the title of this book does not really give a good idea of the contents of this book, so I have added the sub-title Contemporary Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy. There have been very few books that cover the subject of flourishing and illustration with a pointed pen and this is the best one I have seen since Bill Hildebrandt’s Calligraphic Flourishings (sadly now out of print). Linda provides clear instructions and lots of great examples. A must for anyone wanting to enhance their copperplate work.

1st edition, paperback, 71pp (plus a number of practice sheets), monochrome, 21.8 x 28 cm

Designing Faces, Figures, Florals and more (Contemporary Ornate Pictorial Calligraphy) by Linda Schneider
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