Masters Book Arts – Major works by leading book artists by Julie Hale and Beth Sweet



Masters Book Arts – Major works by leading book artists by Julie Hale and Beth Sweet



Publisher’s Synopsis
The featured works in this remarkable juried collection exemplify the potential of the book as an artistic medium. Their diversity lies not only in the many structures and variations in book formats but also in the limitless possibilities of content that can be contained within.

Books in the Masters series focus on leading artists in a specific medium. The pioneers selected for this edition were chosen because they excel at using the book format in unique and personalized ways to convey their artistic message, and because they represent the breadth of the field. Their most impressive works are presented in stunning colour photographs accompanied by illuminating quotes from the artists themselves. Short essays by curator Eileen Wallace highlight the artists' methods and intentions, providing a distinctive portrait of each master.

Using techniques such as collage, stenciling, and stitching, Hedi Kyle creates imaginative compositions, juxtaposing text and image, fluently integrating content, intent, and structure. Julie Chen's lyrical work often demands active participation from readers- playing games, sliding panels, turning wheels-to provide a meaningful experience. Unexpected pairings of disparate objects in whimsical compositions come to life in Margaret Couch Cogswell's books. Elsi Vassdal Ellis focuses on topics that some readers may find uncomfortable – such as modern-day materialism, politics, and genocide.

These artists continue the time-honoured tradition of conveying thoughts, ideas, andemotions through books, although in very individual, sometimes unconventional ways.

About the curator of this collection
Curator Eileen Wallace is a letterpress printer and bookbinder specializing in custom printing and box-making. ln addition to maintaining a private studio, she teaches frequent workshops across the country and is a visiting assistant professor in printmaking and book arts at the University of Georgia. Wallace recently co-curated The Artist's Hand: Dard Hunter and the American Arts & Crafts Movement held at the Decorative Arts Centre of Ohio. She is on the Board of Directors of Hand Papermaking magazine and has served as a co-director for the Paper & Book lntensive since 1996. Wallace lives in Chillicothe, Ohio, where she also collaborates in maintaining the archives and studio of renowned papermaking scholar Dard Hunter.

List of Artists (USA unless indicated)
Julie Chen, Claire Van Vliet, Brian Dettmer, Margaret Couch Cogswell, Shanna Leino, Susan King, Barbara Tetenbaum, Harry Reese & Sandra Liddell Reese, Sarah Bryant, Susan Goethel Campbell, Bonnie Stahlecker, Karen Kunc, Peter Madden, Wilber Schilling, Hedi Kyle, Ines von Ketelhodt (Germany) & Peter Malutzki (Germany), Adèle Outteridge (Australia), lan Boyden, Timothy Ely, Jody Alexander, Macy Chadwick, Ken Botnick, Genie Shenk, Julie Leonard, Andrea Dezsö, Sarah Bodman (UK), Daniel Essig, Karen Hanmer, Keith Smith, Barbara Mauriello, Veronika Schäpers (Japan), Daniela Deeg (Germany) & Cynthia Lollis, Lynne Avadenka, Robin Price, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Béatrice Coron, Pati Scobey, Daniel Kelm, Laura Wait, and Julie Fremuth.

Bookseller’s comments
This is truly an amazing book and a must for anyone interested in contemporary bookbinding. Over 390 amazing books by 43 artists share these amazing books for us all to enjoy and get inspiration from. You will not regret adding this to your bookshelf!

1st edition, 2011, paperback, 330pp, full colour throughout, 23 x 20.3cm

Masters Book Arts – Major works by leading book artists by Julie Hale and Beth Sweet
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