How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith



How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith



Publisher’s Synopsis
“Make Books for Fun, Fame & Profit”.

Fold a one-minute zine (see note below (chap)). Stitch a luscious leather journal. Choose luxurious papers for a sumptuous sketchbook. Or make a book with recycled envelopes and brown paper bags. Are you a writer?, A scrapbook maker?, A political activist?, or a Postcard collector? Esther K Smith helps you find your inner bookbinder. Try time-tested techniques with quirky, artful illustrations and personable instructions.

Note: Zine (pronounced zeen,) American, Meaning a small magazine! The author explains this on page 17 of this fun book thus "Zines are little self-published magazines, usually made at work, while on the clock, using the company photocopier and whatever paper is available for free. I do not recommend stealing from your employer – I only mention this as a convention of underground publishing! I've been told zines started in the 1950s in sci-fi circles. (Esther K. Smith)

What others have said about this book
"This witty, stylish book will inspire anyone to follow the clear, illustrated and engaging instructions to make personal and profound books." - Margaret Richardson – design editor, writer and teacher in Portland, Oregon.

“This is such a fun and visually stimulating book – I love the whole design of the book, from the inside pages to the chipboard letterpressed covers. It’s gorgeous. I also love the fact the Esther has many projects that include recycled materials.” Natalie at

Booksellers comments:
This is a great fun book, covers all the basic bookbinding styles and includes many projects and ideas. Looking forward to adding Esther’s other two books to the stocklist soon

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1st edition 2007, hardback, 128pp, full colour throughout, 19 x25.3cm

How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith
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