Calligraphy Essentials by Cari Buziak



Calligraphy Essentials by Cari Buziak



Introduction by the author
Calligraphy is a fun craft to learn, as well as a useful one. Far from being an obsolete skill, more and more people today are picking up the pen and creating their own greeting cards, wedding invitations, fine art projects, and even creating their own computer fonts!

In the old days, calligraphy tools were unique and specifically crafted to their task. Today, a calligrapher has a wide variety of tools from which to choose, from traditional to completely modern, even digital!

Calligraphers can now experiment with their artistic expression, freely mixing creative ideas and elements together to explore new art-forms with their projects. In this book we'll examine the basic techniques of calligraphy, covering calligraphy hands suitable for a wide variety of projects and easy for a beginner or intermediate calligrapher to practice and learn. We’ll also cover easy decorative techniques such as watercolour painting, celtic knotwork, gold leafing and illustration ideas to create a “toolkit” of creative techniques. You'll learn how to make your own wedding stationery, create a painted greeting card or a birth announcement, design a logo for your own business, and so much more! We’ll cover all the steps from basic layout to design choices to the final completed piece in easy step-by-step examples.

Calligraphy is a way of expressing yourself and learning something new in an art field that has lots of potential for new discoveries - finding new ways to embellish your lettering, learning a new alphabet, or creating memorable keepsakes with a handmade touch for yourself, family and friends.

Publisher’s synopsis
Transform ordinary handwritten pieces into unique, artistic keepsakes. Calligraphy Essentials makes the art of decorative lettering fun and achievable, even if you're a beginner. Following Cari Buziak's clear visual instruction, you'll learn how to embellish all your projects with beautifully hand-lettered words, logos and decorative iIIustrations.

Detailed Demonstrations Include:
  • A precise list of the tools and materials you'll need and colourful illustrations that show how to form every stroke of 15 complete alphabets
  • Step-by-step instruction for adding exciting decorative touches such as Celtic knotwork, gold leafing and eye-popping colours.
Also Includes:
  • 12 step-by-step projects that show how to create gorgeous calligraphic treatments for wedding invitations, greeting cards, thank-you notes, awards, certificates and much more
  • Pre-printed practice pages you can photocopy to help you perfect every stroke and a full chapter that walks you through using a computer to create your own calligraphy fonts

1st edition 2011, paperback, 124pp, full colour throughout, fully illustrated, 21 x 27.6 cm

Calligraphy Essentials by Cari Buziak
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