The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen



The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen



Publisher’s Synopsis

An invaluable, profusely illustrated, one-of-kind resource, The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy is the first book to explore global living calligraphic traditions as exemplified by contemporary calligraphers from around the world. Using visual examples accompanied by expert commentary, it features fifty-five living scripts – including Carolingian (Roman), Japanese Hiragana (Japanese), Cyrllic (Russian and Slavic), Thuluth (Arabic), U-Chen (Tibetan), and Yerushalmi (Hebrew) – to inspire and guide novice and experienced calligraphers, as well as anyone interested in beautiful writing.

"What ties all these different people together," writes Christopher Calderhead, "is that they all make written texts where the form of the writing matters. They are deeply invested not only in the meaning of the words they write, but in the shapes of the letters or characters themselves. They have spent years practicing the craft of writing, honing their skills, internalizing the movements of the hand, and considering deeply how their tools and materials can best be used."

For each script, there is an introductory summary of its origins, traditions, and characteristics followed by an expanded description that includes: what kind of writing system is used; the direction and sequence of the lines of continuous text; whether there is a distinction between majuscule and minuscule in the script; and the principal tool used in the calligraphic rendition of the script. The book is sumptuously illustrated with masterpieces of calligraphy and instructional examples.

Filled with encouragement and insights into this time-honored tradition, The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy is literally illuminating, and fascinating to peruse.

About the authors
Christopher Calerhead is a lettering artist, author, and educator whose work has been exhibited in the United States and Great Britain. He is the editor and designer of Letter Arts Review, as well as the creator of the book series Letters from New York. Calderhead is also the author of numerous articles and reviews, and several books, including Calligraphy Studio: The Ultimate Introduction to the Art of Hand Lettering, and Illuminating the Word: The Making of the Saint John's Bible. He lives and works in New York City, where he teaches at both Pratt institute and Bronx Community College. He also offers calligraphy workshops through the Society of Scribes.

Holly Cohen is a writer, calligrapher, and jewelry designer. She studied calligraphy with Patricia Buttice and Reggie Ezell. She has served on the board of the Society of Scribes in New York and was a juror for the 2010 Letter Arts Review Annual Juried Issue. She was co-editor of Letters from New York.

An Illustrated Tour of Worldwide Calligraphy Today
The fifty-five scripts in this groundbreaking, comprehensive book reflect the diversity of contemporary calligraphy created by artists across the globe. This beautiful volume offers visual examples for calligraphers of all skill levels to emulate and use as inspiration for their own work, as well as step-by-step guidelines to follow and information about the historic origins of these writing systems.

Contents of the book
The Edged Pen (Reeds, Quills, and Metal Nibs)

The Roman Alphabet (Scripts in the Western Tradition)
Writing Uncial, Writing Carolingian, Writing Gothic, Writing Gothicized Italic, Writing Italic, Writing Modern Roman, Writing Copperplate, Writing Brush Lettering

Greek and Cyrillic (Scripts of Eastern Europe)
Writing Greek, Writing Cyrillic

Hebrew (The Aleph-Bet)
Writing Ashkenazi, Writing Sephardi, Writing Yerushalmi (Dead Scroll Script)

Arabic (The Writing of the Islamic World)
Writing Thuluth

Indic Scripts (Scripts with Roots in Brahmi)
Writing Devanagari, Writing Gujarati, Writing Bengali

Tibetan (Preserving a Culture)
Writing Ü-me: Tsuk-ring or Elongated Form
Writing Ü-chen

The East Asian Brush and The Four Treasures of the Scholar

Chinese (The Fount of East Asian Scripts)
Writing Standard Script

Japanese (Indigenous Traditions)
Writing Kana (Hiragana, Katakana)
Writing Kanteiryu

Korean (The Hangeul Syllabary)
Writing Korean

Armenian and other Traditions (Calligraphy and Identity)
Writing Syriac
Writing Mkhedruli
Writing Erkata'gir


Book sellers remarks
This is an amazing book. While it only spends 5-6 pages on each of over 27 calligraphic hands and variations from 11 different cultural writing systems, together with the historical and instructional narratives, this book provides a fascinating insight in to their history and development. This book would be a great asset to any serious calligraphers library.

1st edition, 2011, hardback, 308pp, full colour throughout, 26 x26 cm

The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen
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