Origami for Children by Mari Ono and Roshin Ono



Origami for Children (paperback version) by Mari Ono and Roshin Ono




Publisher’s Synopsis

Origami for Children is the perfect introduction to origami, the fun Japanese papercraft for parents and children of all ages.

Divided into six sections, the projects caver a range of themes, from classical origami designs, such as animals, to party decorations and vehicles. Discover how simple it is to make a family of penguins or use your new found skills to make a spinning top. There’s even a project showing how to create the Japanese arcade character Pacman and cute ideas for playtime, such as the aeroplane and tie for teddy, You’ll be amazed at how much you can create with a few simple folds.

Every stage is described in a series of clear step-by-step photographs, showing all the techniques you will need to create each of these great designs.

You will be amazed at how creative you can be with just a few sheets of paper and this brilliantly simple guide. Packed full of fun, exciting designs, these original projects will keep both children and parents entertained for hours. From cows and cars to a penguin and a paper hot dog, these models are perfect for all occasions, from rainy-day activities to party games.
  • Over 35 designs with comprehensive step-by-step instructions
  • Cute and cool ideas for boys and girls - flower baskets, zebras, a space rocket and samurai helmet
  • Each project has a difficulty rating - from an easy yacht to a challenging giraffe
For children aged three and above

1st edition 2009, Hb, 128pp, full colour throughout, 24.5 x 24.5cm, complete with over 60 pieces of origami paper.

Origami for Children (paperback version) by Mari Ono and Roshin Ono
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