The Uncommon Numbers Trilogy edited by Brenda Casey Zoby



The Uncommon Numbers Trilogy edited by Brenda Casey Zoby



The Uncommon Numbers Trilogy is a set of 3 (of course) books that focus specifically on the creation if numbers. Amazingly, this important aspect of our Western "alphabet" is seldom covered and often, it seems, added as a bit of an afterthought. America’s Brenda Zoby together with contributions from some of the world’s most outstanding lettering artists resolves this issue in this superb set of books that focus on nothing else, but ties them in with the classic styles that calligraphers love to use.

Uncommon Numbers (B0558), The Uncommon Numbers Manual (B0590), and Uncommon Numbers II (B1131) are currently the only books in print dedicated to the subject of calligraphic numerals. The first and third books in this trilogy are anthologies showcasing the work of master calligraphers from around the world. The middle volume is a manual offering the kind of in-depth analysis and step-by-step instruction traditionally reserved for letterforms.

Calligraphic numerals, by definition, should be not merely functional and legible, but beautiful. Artists and designers use them every day, yet when calligraphic hands are studied, the numerals are often glossed over.

These books contain a treasure trove of examples by many of the best calligraphic artists from the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, and Belgium including (in no particular order):

Alice Koeth, Karen Charatan, Jean Larcher, Paul Shaw, Cheryl Adams, Michael Clark, Nancy R. Leavitt, Emily B. Shields, Ivan Angelic, Nancy Culmone, Yves Leterme, John Stevens, Georgina Artlgas, Georgia Deaver, Judy Melvin, Michael Sull, Adolf Bernd, Claude Dieterich, Suzanne Moore, Peter Thornton, Alan Blackman, Ward Dunham, Barry Morentz, Mark van Stone, Raphael Boguslav, Jean Formo, Brody Neuenschwander, Gail Vick, Robert Boyajian , Ann Hechle, Charles Pearce, Julian Waters, Larry Brady, Martin Jackson, Tom Perkins, Sheila Waters, Marsha Brady, Michael Kecseg, Anna Pinto, Patricia Weisberg, Gunnlaugur Briem. Sherri Kiesel, Joachim Propfe, John Woodcock, Denis Brown, Richard Kindersley, Ieuan Rees, Ann Alaia Woods, Patricia Buttice, Stan Knight, Carl Rohrs, Hermann Zapf as well as Brenda Zoby herself.

About the editor
Brenda Casey Zoby is a freelance lettering artist and editor who lives on the east coast of Florida. She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in English and has taught calligraphy classes and workshops, as well as private students, for the past twenty years. She is also the editor of A Passion for the Pen: The Art of Georgina Artigas (B1028).

These amazing books can be ordered individually for £13 each or as a set for only £33 that includes a free slipcase by clicking on the following links:

Uncommon Numbers (B0558),
The Uncommon Numbers Manual (B0590),
Uncommon Numbers II (B1131)

Customers that already have Uncommon Number and The Uncommon Numbers Manual also qualify for a free slipcase when they order Uncommon Numbers II as long as they mention that they are completing their set.

Also available from is A Passion for the Pen: The Art of Georgina Artigas (B1028).

The Uncommon Numbers Trilogy edited by Brenda Casey Zoby
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