Modern Gilding for Calligraphers by Sally Mae Joseph (PAL Video)



Modern Gilding for Calligraphers by Sally Mae Joseph (DVD)



Publisher’s Synopsis:
This DVD is planned as a sequel to Sally Mae Joseph's previous film Gilding for Calligraphers.

Here she shows how the traditional methods of gilding, which were demonstrated in her first film, can be combined with modern materials and new techniques. Many close up shots show clearly the skills being demonstrated and the film provides a rich source of information for the beginner & the more experienced student.

About the calligrapher:
Sally Mae Joseph's lively work is known internationally. She trained at the Reigate School of Art and at the Roehampton Institute, London, where she gained the Calligraphy Diploma with Distinction. She is a Fellow of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators; has held many SSI workshops; is a former Roehampton Correspondence Course tutor; is a visiting lecturer at the Roehampton Institute and lectures in the UK and the USA.

Sally Mae also used her calligraphic and illuminating skills working full time on the Saint John's Bible Project.

When Sally Mae Joseph made this film she was known as Sally Teague.

Booksellers comments
Please be aware that the original format of this product was a VHS Video and it was originally recorded in 1995.

This DVD runs continuously and does not have ‘chapters’ that you find on a feature film DVD.

It should also be noted that the quality of the recording shows a level of deterioration.

That said, in this DVD, Sally clearly demonstrates the processes used in all aspects of gilding. I like the fact that these processes are not shown "Blue Peter" style (i.e. 'here's one that I made earlier'), so the viewer gets a better idea of the time taken to complete these processes.

Subjects covered by this video include:
  • Curing and cutting quills
  • Using quills, pens and brushes
  • Laying Gesso, Gum Ammoniac & Modern Sizes
  • Loose-leaf Transfer and Shell-gold and Platinum on Vellum, Paper and Fabric

Also by Sally Mae Joseph: DVD13 Gilding for Calligraphers

This DVD will work in all regions. Running Time 60 minutes.

Modern Gilding for Calligraphers by Sally Mae Joseph (DVD)
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