WordsWork - Calligraphy and Lettering Art of Australia and New Zealand 2009 - 2010 from The ASC



WordsWork - Calligraphy and Lettering Art of Australia and New Zealand 2009 - 2010 from The ASC



Publisher's Synopsis

The Australian Society of Calligrapher’s (ASC) is proud to present a stunning new book which brings together the talents of 72 Australian and New Zealand calligraphers and lettering artists, in a celebration of the creativity, diversity and exciting applications of contemporary lettering practice.

Beautifully printed in full colour with over 165 images, WordsWork showcases inspiring forms of traditional and non-traditional calligraphic art - from works on canvas and paper to sculptures, book art, clothing, ceramics and more.

Introduction to the book by Linda Upfold, Editor of Colophon, the journal of the Australian Society of Calligraphers
This WordsWork project developed from a desire to celebrate the art of calligraphy as it is practised in Australia and New Zealand today. The Australian Society of Calligraphers Inc (ASC) decided to collate and present a selection of the best calligraphic works and to give each calligrapher who wished to participate an opportunity to showcase their work in a full-colour book for all the world to see.

In an age where funding for community colleges and arts centres is dwindling and all crafts are struggling to maintain a solid teaching program, it is important to constantly bring our particular craft to the public's attention by making it more visible to the wider community. Exhibitions are a way of doing this, but publication in print or on the internet can make the works more accessible to a much larger audience. We hope that this book will revive some interest for calligraphic arts in the wider community and encourage more people to delve into this fascinating subject. If there are more students, there will be more classes - and the circle of knowledge will continue to grow and be nurtured.

At the beginning of 2010 the ASC sent out a call to all calligraphers in Australia and New Zealand to submit images of up to three of their works for consideration for publication. The works could take any form whatsoever, the only stipulations being that they had to be produced after January 2009 and be of a high standard. Over 80 calligraphers responded to our call – a wonderful response. Each work was viewed anonymously by a panel of judges and scored for quality of lettering and presentation. Our editors then set about collating and presenting the selected works, giving each artist a double-page spread - this is the result and we are very proud of it.

The Australian Society of Calligraphers has strived to nurture, encourage and support the art and craft of calligraphy for nearly 30 years. Although we are based in Sydney, we have many members from interstate and even some from overseas. To keep in touch with our members we produce an informative magazine, Colophon, four times a year. We also hold monthly workshops, inviting tutors from Sydney, interstate and beyond, and covering a wide range of topics and skills. We have actively organised many workshop tours with important international calligraphers, coordinating them with many Australian and New Zealand calligraphy societies so that we can all be kept informed of worldwide trends in this fascinating art. This WordsWork project is another attempt to link all calligraphers from our two countries.

There is not a strong tradition of creating hand-written or illuminated documents for official or corporate clients in Australia or New Zealand as there is in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Opportunities for professional calligraphers to work in a traditional manner on fine vellum, or to create more modern formal documents, are rare. Our teaching methods have in the past tended to follow the British way, relying on the strong UK and European historical background to inform our calligraphic forms. We are, however, increasingly becoming open to influences from all over the world of arts and crafts as we become more exposed to information and images on the internet and in print. Hence, in this book you will see many works using very unusual non-traditional calligraphic materials - rusted iron, burnt wood, fabrics and yarns, glass, Perspex, beeswax, vegetation and ceramics, to name a few. Sculptural forms, assemblages, book structures, clothing items and multimedia works are plentiful. Even the tools used to create the text vary enormously-letters have been penned, painted, carved, scratched, burnt, etched, masked, cut from paper and embroidered with threads. The variety of ways to achieve our principal goal of communication of thought and feeling are well demonstrated in this book.

The calligraphers presented here have many different backgrounds – some are professional calligraphers and a few are professional artists, but many more would consider themselves amateurs or hobbyists, albeit well-informed and experienced ones, who are madly caught in the web of fascination that is the world of Western calligraphy. They have all acquired a love of lettering as a means of expression for their artistic sensibilities. The variety of forms this expression can take is seen in this book-from finely crafted and carefully executed lettering to very gestural and painterly approaches; from thoughtfully planned formal layouts to wildly spontaneous and impulsively created compositions; from a subtle use of colour to exuberance; from deeply personal expressions of emotion to commercial and functional logo design. Each piece expresses a facet of the scribe's personality or soul through the words chosen, the design elements used, the use of colour and the choice of materials.

As Menhart said over 50 years ago, `Within the simple shapes of script beats the pulse of life ...' We hope you will agree that, despite the challenges of distance from other English-speaking countries around the world, Western calligraphy and the lettering arts are certainly pulsing with life down under.

List of contributors…
Jacqueline Adie, Terri Anderson, Lexie Arlington, Rhonda Ayliffe, Patricia Barth, Jeanette Berman, Gemma Black, Julie Bookless, Susan Bradshaw, Lorraine Brady, Olive Bull, Lynette Burlison, Marjo Carter, Julie Chambers, Heng Chiew Chiam, Lisa Churchward, Heather Courtis, Vanessa Crisp, Susanna Davie, Lyne de Luca, Fiona Dempster, Murray Dovey, Lauchean Duncan, Meg Dunworth, Christine Farmer, Penny Farrant, Elizabeth Faul, Ailsa Fergusson, June Francis, Alison Furminger, Anita George, Peter Gilderdale, Gaye Godrey-Nicholls, Greg Hanlon, Ruth Harrison, Dierdre Hassad, Nicole Heaslip, Seiko Hoashi, Sue Hopkins, Bob Howe, Anne Innes, Helen Irving, Jane Kent, Margaret Khan, Monika Kondyjowska, William Lai, Gyounghee Lee, Marta Lett, Margaret Lewis, Colleen Little, Don Little, Jenny Markey, Meg McDonald, Lynne Muir, Kit Murdoch, Dianne Nicholson, Daniel Reeve, Olivia Roberts, Robin Russell, Tricia Smout, Jane Stanton, Wolfgang Thun, Gabrielle Toner, Wendy Tweedie, Susan Tyler, Linda Upfold, Ruth Venner, Katherine Vorstius, Yoko Watterson, Julie-ann Williams, Elaine Witton, and Susan Zanker,

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1st edition 2010, Pb, 150 gorgeous pages, over 165 images in full colour, 22.5 x 30 cm

WordsWork - Calligraphy and Lettering Art of Australia and New Zealand 2009 - 2010 from The ASC
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