Calligraphy in 24 One-hour Lessons by Veiko Kespersaks



Calligraphy in 24 One-hour Lessons by Veiko Kespersaks




Publisher’s Synopsis

Can you really learn the ancient art of calligraphy in just 24 hours? Yes you can! Just get started on the first of the 24 one-hour lessons contained in this book, follow the suggestions for practicing your new skills at the end of one lesson before going on to the next, and then continue this process right through to the end.

Calligraphy in 24 Hours is a carefully structured beginner's course where readers will quickly learn the basic principles and then go on to learn beautiful calligraphy in a series of 24 one-hour tutorials. Written by an expert in the field who is also a seasoned teacher, the book aims to do the job of a series of night school lessons – but for a fraction of the price.

The book teaches 15 alphabets letter-by-letter, stroke-by-stroke, with clearly annotated step-by-step sequences. You will also learn how to create beautiful illuminated letters. Special exercises will help to build up speed and confidence, as well as helping you learn the different calligraphy alphabets and enabling you to reproduce them with accuracy and consistency.

A series of practical projects will get readers to put their calligraphy and illumination skills into action designing greetings cards, wall hangings, place settings, and more.

About the author…
Veiko Kespersaks is a leading Scandinavian calligraphy specialist and lettering designer based in London. He has both BA and MA calligraphy qualifications from Roehampton University in London, where he studied between 2000 and 2006. He has gained an international reputation as one of the most skilled lettering artists and teachers currently working in the field. His clients include Universal Studios, BBC, ITV, and BAA as well as many international corporations.

1st edition 2011, Paperback, 160pp, full colour throughout, 19.0 x 24.6 cm

Calligraphy in 24 One-hour Lessons by Veiko Kespersaks
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