Banksy - Locations and Tours (Vol 1) by Martin Bull



Banksy - Locations and Tours (Vol 1) by Martin Bull



Introduction by the author…
Before this new 4th Edition was released in September 2010, I used to introduce this book by asking if the reader fancied wandering the streets of London, looking for (mainly) Banksy graffiti (and sidetracking to various quirky local attractions in parts of London they may never have visited before), or whether they preferred just sitting at home in a comfy chair (slippers and pipe optional, but highly recommended in these days of weapons of mass destruction ...), looking at photos of his street work and reading about them...?

Well .... this unique, 100% unofficial, book still just about lets you do either, but in reality it is more of a history book now, because not surprisingly lots of the graffiti has gone since the book was first released in 2006; & the 'tours' that originally showed you how to link all the Banksy graffiti into 3 walking tours are now pretty much redundant.

I have therefore slightly amended the original title, taken out the directions from one location to the other, and changed the design of the book so that it is very clear which locations are still 'active' (as of July 2010 usually) and which aren't. Readers who are interested can obviously still happily visit the 'active' ones (and get free updates from me as to which are still living), but don't expect to be able to make the few remaining ones into an intensive tour anymore. Most people will unashamedly be just reading the book on the sofa or the toilet.

Oh well, it was good whilst the tours side of the book lasted, and I still feel the book has a lot of worth, because the tours and locations of 2006 - 2009 are now the graffiti archaeology of tomorrow. The bottom line is that I supply the information and the history, and you can use it as and how you wish.

Just don't expect pseudo-intellectual ramblings in this book on what this graffiti all means, how the Banksy phenomenon has taken off, who he is, who he isn't, why my grandmother looks a hit like Arsene Wenger, or what the difference is between graffiti and street art. I'm not that interested in intellectualising all this. A bloke creeping around in the middle of the night, getting sweaty and potentially getting nicked for painting for free on the streets, is just about the most non-intellectual situation I can imagine in life....

!'ll let you decide what it means in you. Martin Bull

  • 65 graffiti locations, past & present
  • Information, random facts & idle chit-chat on each location
  • Over 125 colour photographs
  • Also includes snippets of art/graffiti by Eine, Faile, El Chivo, Arofish, Cept, Space Invader, Blek Le Rat, D*face, & Shepard Fairey / Obey.
Following the curious runaway success of his original self-published book, Martin Bull has now totally updated, re-written, added to, re¬designed, re-positioned, and re-priced the book for the emerging credit crunch generation....

This unique, 100% unofficial book is based on the free tours & location information that Martin researched and offered to the public in 2006. A few of the locations are still just holding out (and worth visiting), but the practical tours of the past are now the graffiti history of tomorrow ...... so put your feet up, get your slippers on, and settle back for an historic open-top bus ride through some of Banksy's best work in three distinct areas of London.

File under -True Crime..... or Graffiti History

4th edition 2010, Pb, 180pp, full colour throughout, 16.8 x 12.5 cm

Banksy - Locations and Tours (Vol 1) by Martin Bull
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