Calligraphy in Print by Members of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI)



Calligraphy in Print by Members of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI)



Introduction to the book by Peter Halliday
’Calligraphy in Print' is the second small scale annual exhibition organised by The Society of Scribes and Illuminators. The aim of the smaller exhibitions, which are on specific themes, is to bring to the interested public a varying range of calligraphic subject matter and the many aspects of calligraphy in use in the 1980's.

In contrast to the previous exhibition ‘Small is Beautiful', which showed mainly one-off original work, Calligraphy in Print exhibits many differing applications of calligraphy and hand lettering designed for reproduction. Contrasting with work which is close to graphic design are limited edition prints, small scale hand printed items as well as various items of personal stationery and photocopies.

The use of calligraphy as a component in printing and communication is increasing and is shown to be superior to instant transfer lettering in many design briefs because there is an individuality in its application and a unity of purpose where designer and calligrapher can join together and create what could be described as a disposable typeface.

As can be seen, the exhibits demonstrate an almost endless variation which calligraphers and lettering artists are able to employ in their work. This variation, combined with the directness of calligraphic forms, demonstrates a creativity with which type alone can never compete.

The Exhibition
All members of the society were invited to submit up to three works which had been designed for reproduction and a selection panel of three Fellows of the society chose work showing quality and variety of application. In all but a small number of cases the reproduction has been exhibited and not the original work.

The Catalogue
All the exhibits are illustrated and measurements are given in centimetres, height followed by width and unless otherwise stated indicate the overall size of the work. Measurements have not been indicated where the exhibits are of several items of stationery which are of standard sizes. An alphabetical list of exhibitors appears at the end of the catalogue and those who are willing to undertake commissions are indicated thus - †.

The catalogue is arranged alphabetically by name and the numbering of the items is the same as in the exhibition. - Peter Halliday

1st edition 1987, paperback, 48pp, over 70 monochrome reproductions of work by amazing artists, 21 x 19.8cm

Calligraphy in Print by Members of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI)
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