Iris Folding Papers from the Crafters Paper Library



Iris Folding Papers from the Crafters Paper Library



Publisher’s Synopsis


Iris folding is a brilliant example of how addictive paper crafting can be. The first time you layer your paper strips on a template, it is sheer magic; you will want to keep turning your aperture over to peep at the swirling pattern as it unfolds before your eyes. Soon you will be creating beautiful handmade cards for your friends and family. Scrapbookers too will love being able to frame their photographs with stylish iris folded borders. Unusual patterns can enhance other craft projects too - boxes, pictures, frames and more.

Traditionally, standard background papers cut into strips have been used to create iris folded designs. It can be an arduous process - collecting different papers in a range of shades that work well together. So, along with our friends at Search Press, we have designed and brought together a range of paper strips in complementary colours. We also decided it would be fun to make some of the designs a little different, so as well as geometric patterns you will find lettering, etchings, motifs and vintage themes in this book.

All iris folded designs follow folding templates and these can be bought from good craft shops. We have included a simple template here, and we also describe how it was created. If you follow the directions, you will soon be able to create your own.

1st edition 2005, Pb, 24 pages of perforated papers providing stripes that are idle for Iris Folding, 22 x 29.8 cm

Iris Folding Papers from the Crafters Paper Library
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