Design Source Book - Mythical Creatures by Elaine Hill



Design Source Book - Mythical Creatures by Elaine Hill




The myths we know today are tales that have been told and retold throughout the ages, evolving over generations from early ideas about our existence. They form a link with the beginning of time and an our interpretation of how we perceive creation. Around the world storytellers have related and passed on epic tales of warriors, heroes, heroines, gods and supernatural beings. These tales explore our origins, disaster, life, death and beyond, with fabulous stories of adventure, passion, betrayal, wars and human endeavour. Some myths are a rooted in religion, others belong to ancient civilisations: the Aztecs, the Celts, the Egyptians and the Roman Empire.

About the designs
Inspired by a rich source of material that has been passed on to us, I have brought together wonderful images of sea creatures, birds, serpents, gods and goddesses. Within these pages you will find the Holy Grail, Athena, Pegasus, the minotaur and the Chinese dragon, alongside illustrations of sirens, mermaids, the thunderbird and much more. I hope my designs will help to inspire you to create your own original projects, whether you are making greetings cards, embroideries, mosaic panels, silk paintings or jewellery. Try simplifying a design by selecting one section, then with the aid of a photocopier enlarge it. With a little imagination you will soon be developing your own compositions.

And finally
It is not possible to include all the mythical creatures and characters in this book. I hope my selection will encourage you to research this fascinating subject, and that you will be inspired to create beautiful pieces of work.

1st edition 2004, Pb, 32pp giving you 52 copyright free line drawings to have fun with for non commercial activities, 21.6 x 29.3 cm

Design Source Book - Mythical Creatures by Elaine Hill
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