Design Source Book - Art Deco Designs by Elaine Hill



Design Source Book - Art Deco Designs by Elaine Hill




The decorative art and crafts of the 1920s and 30s Art Deco period are characterised by clean lines with abstract images and an angular and geometric style. This was a reaction to the ornate and highly decorative Victorian and Edwardian styles of the years before the First World War. Architecture, fashion and graphic design followed suit introducing a clean, direct and dynamic approach.

About the designs In this book
I have sought to bring you a flavour of the Art Deco period and I hope you will relate my designs to those you may have seen around you in the form of architecture and textiles.
,br> Art Deco is a distinct and formal style which is suitable for a wide variety of art and crafts. My designs can be used for anything from simple graphic decoration on party invitations, or for ceramics and glass painting to more involved projects, such as creating or renovating a leaded glass panel for a period property.

Whichever designs you choose as inspiration, remember that you can adapt them to suit your needs. Try drawing an image on tracing paper and repeating the design to develop more complex patterns. Alternatively, take an element of one of the designs and use it on its own or enlarge it on a photocopier.

And finally… I hope this design source book will help you with your own projects, inspire you to explore the style further and give you the confidence to create your own ideas.

1st edition 2003, Pb, 32pp giving you 69 copyright free line drawings to have fun with for non commercial activities, 21.6 x 29.3 cm

Design Source Book - Art Deco Designs by Elaine Hill
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