Design Source Book - Viking Designs by Elaine Handley



Design Source Book - Viking Designs by Elaine Handley




The Vikings had a profound effect on European history. Their violent nature is well documented and the Norsemen's invasions and raids brought fear and havoc in eighth and ninth century Europe, yet this was only one aspect of their nature and culture. They settled, built communities, and as a consequence, they had a great influence on the decorative arts, architecture, and textiles of their conquered lands.

The superb skills of the Vikings as artists and craftspeople were evident in all areas of their daily lives, in their jewellery, wood and stone carvings, ceramics, textiles and metalwork. The designs in this book attempt to encapsulate their artistry: the beautiful interwoven patterns, the stylised designs and the flowing lines. Here you will find illustrations that can adapted for your own projects, or used directly to decorate textiles, china, glass, metal, wood and more. You can create your own greetings cards, produce personalised posters, or use elements of the designs to create borders and frames.

About the designs
Try simplifying a design by taking a section and enlarging it using a photocopier, or use a grid system to recreate a pattern. Use your imagination and adapt the illustrations to produce your own individual artwork and pictures. Borders, patterns, motifs and images can be combined or used separately. All the designs are based on original Viking artefacts and developed so they can be easily used in any project.

And finally…
I hope you will enjoy experimenting with the designs in this book, and have fun creating many new decorative ideas. Perhaps what you find within these pages will inspire you to investigate Viking design further. Whatever you choose to do, my aim has been to bring together ideas that will help you create stunning original projects.

1st edition 2004, Pb, 32pp giving you 70 copyright free line drawings to have fun with for non commercial activities, 21.6 x 29.3 cm

Design Source Book - Viking Designs by Elaine Handley
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