Design Source Book - Wedding Designs by Sonia Griffin



Design Source Book - Wedding Designs by Sonia Griffin



All around the world there is a myriad of ways to get married. Each culture has its own traditional, religious ceremony, often many centuries old, which can include anything from tying the couple together, to throwing handfuls of rice over them. Whatever form the wedding ceremony takes, it is important that it is carried out properly, in line with tradition, but couples still like to personalise the occasion according to their own particular tastes.

Civil weddings are now becoming popular, and couples are choosing to get married in a variety of locations, including mountain tops, meadows and tropical islands. The result is a rich diversity of styles, blending historical and cultural traditions with modern trends to create a unique and individualised wedding 'look'.

About the designs
As a clothes designer and stylist specialising in wedding design, I have been involved in not just designing the bride's dress, but styling the whole look and feel of a wedding. In this book I hope I have given you some great designs to help you be creative and make the wedding as individual as possible.

The book contains a wide variety of designs covering most of the styles you may wish to choose from. The patterns can be adapted to decorate everything: wedding stationery, gifts for guests, table decorations and ring cushions, garments like waistcoats, ties and bodices, and, of course, the wedding cake. Many of the designs can be used to change a plain wedding trousseau into something very special by using one of the motifs to create embroidery or a silk-painted design.

And finally…
The designs in this book can be photocopied, enlarged or reduced. They can be developed in some way by, for example, repeating or rotating an image, putting the design back to back or using sections of different designs to develop a new one. Have fun creating your own project using this book for inspiration. Keep it simple at first so that you won't get too overwhelmed, then when you are more confident and know exactly what you want to achieve, the possibilities are endless.

1st edition 2005, Pb, 32pp giving you over 150 copyright free line drawings and to have fun with for non commercial activities, 21.6 x 29.3 cm

Design Source Book - Wedding Designs by Sonia Griffin
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