Design Source Book - Halloween Designs by Elaine Hill



Design Source Book - Halloween Designs by Elaine Hill



Publisher’s Synopsis

Halloween brings to mind dark October evenings, falling leaves, bonfires, and cosy fireside get-togethers while preparing colourful party decorations. Bright orange pumpkins are cut into dramatic lanterns and candle holders; apples are collected for bobbing in water and toffee-covered treats; costumes are made for young people to party in and for children to dress up in and play 'trick or treat'. Images of witches, ghosts and ghouls abound, making light of a humorous array of ancient traditions. Halloween or All-Hallow's Eve is rich in imagery, mysticism, colour and atmosphere.

About the designs
Within this book I have designed images that you can use to decorate menus and highlight invitations; draw on to cups, mugs and plates; or fabric paint on to napkins and tablecloths. There are illustrations for posters to advertise events and parties; ideas for glass painting tea light containers, lanterns and drinking glasses. Experiment with the designs and vary them to suit your needs. You could adapt a design by choosing a section and enlarging it on a photocopier to create something individual to you.

And finally…
Halloween should be approached with a sense of humour and light heartedness - it's a reason to party and to dress in extravagant costumes. I hope you find images here that will inspire you to create and decorate all kinds of items regardless of which crafts you enjoy. Above all have fun.

1st edition 2003, Pb, 32pp giving you 42 copyright free line drawings and a spooky alphabet to have fun with for non commercial activities, 21.6 x 29.3 cm

Design Source Book - Halloween Designs by Elaine Hill
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