The Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy by Qu Lei Lei



The Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy by Qu Lei Lei



Publisher’s Synopsis

Use these elegant Chinese characters to create meaningful art for yourself or gifts for others.
  • A unique ‘magic’ paper pad at the back of the book enables you to master the scripts in a quick and foolproof way. You simply use your brush to trace over the characters with water. The paper darkens and then, as it dries, returns to its original state, allowing you to repeat the process over and over again.
  • The five primary scripts, from the earliest Pictographic characters to the beautiful Zhuan, Han and Standard scripts and the expressive Running script, are described in detail.
  • Qu Lei Lei’s delightful illustrations guide you step by step through clear and detailed instructions to produce your own freely formed characters.
  • More than 15 step-by-step projects enable you to put your skills into practice and create beautiful gifts and accessories for decorating your home.
Qu Lei Lei, one of the world's top calligraphers, shows you how to recreate some of the most beautiful and sacred of Chinese characters, including Happiness, Love, Long Life and Good Fortune. Now you too can enjoy the beauty of these ancient scripts. In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide that is suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike, you can learn all the techniques needed to produce classic designs, decorations and motifs, and even to create new ones of your own.

The various specialist brushes and inks you will need are described and clear instructions follow on the techniques required for all five scripts that go to make up Chinese calligraphy. You can practise basic skills - such as making curved strokes - by using the 'magic' paper pad at the back of the book. The paper darkens when you apply water with your brush but the strokes disappear as the paper dries, so you can repeat the characters over and over again.

The ancient Chinese first wrote their language using symbols that resembled the objects they were describing. From this Pictographic script developed elegant Zhuan script, the delicate and precise Han Official and Standard scripts that feature in present-day brush writing, and the flowing Running script with all its spiritual expressiveness. These scripts form the basis of more than 15 stunning projects, which have been specially designed to highlight your newly acquired skiIIs. You can create exquisite items ranging from simple handmade cards to a beautiful wall hanging of a single bold character. All in all, this instructive book will provide you with the skills, and also the inspiration, to make the most evocative use of an ancient Chinese art.

Born in China in the I 950s, Qu Lei Lei came to England from Beijing after the Cultural Revolution in 1981. His parents taught him the discipline of Chinese calligraphy over two decades.

Lei Lei exhibits his work worldwide, has tutored in Chinese Art at Oxford University and was a Visiting Scholar at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In 2000, he won the Millennium Award for Best AduIt Tutor in the UK. His previous books include The Simple Art of Chinese Calligraphy, The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting and The Tao of Sketching.

Lei Lei lives in London with his wife and young daughter

1st edition 2007, Hb, 144pp, full colour throughout, 22 x 28.4 cm

The Complete Guide to Chinese Calligraphy by Qu Lei Lei
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