Chinese Characters by Nina Train Choa



Chinese Characters by Nina Train Choa



Publisher’s Synopsis

Language can give a tremendous insight into the culture of a nation. Chinese characters, with their strong pictorial aspect, provide a great source of revealing information regarding ancient Chinese civilization and its historical connection with contemporary Chinese writing. As you turn the pages, you will tour a carefully selected collection of Chinese characters in daily use, illustrated by beautiful ancient inscriptions as well as both simple and detailed explanations. From these you can gain a better understanding and appreciation of the evolution of Chinese characters and the culture embodied in them.

Chinese characters are known for their flexible definitions and usage, which are both intriguing and frustrating for a foreigner. The characters in this book are a tiny representation which gives a clue to the amazing relationship between their forms and meanings. Generally they fall into four categories: radicals, people or body parts, plants and nature as well as objects, all related to the simple aspects of daily life in ancient China.

A reading of these beautiful and interesting characters will provide a font of inspiration for those who are keen on learning about Chinese history and culture.

About the Author
Nina Train Choa became fascinated by Chinese characters as soon as she moved to Shanghai in 2001. Originally a student of social anthropology, she worked as an editor and journalist in New York and Shanghai. She now lives in London with her family and is working on a book about Chinese cricket fighting.

1st edition 2008, 112pp, Hb, Illustrated throughout, 15 x 21.6 cm

Chinese Characters by Nina Train Choa
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