The Craft of Handmade Paper by John Plowman



The Craft of Handmade Paper by John Plowman (Pb)



Publisher’s Synopsis

The ancient art of papermaking, begun in China in AD 105, is still thriving. Professional papermakers are creating objects of great beauty, complexity and uniqueness, and it is surprisingly simple to make your own paper using equipment that is for the most part ready to hand in the home.

Producing your very first sheet of paper is an unforgettable experience, and from there you can explore all the texture and variety that papermaking has to offer paper pulp is made from an astonishingly wide range of plants such as nettle, pampas grass and yucca, and even fruit and vegetables can be used - onions, bananas, and corn for example. More simply, paper pulp can be created by using recycled paper and part¬ processed pulp.

And once you have your pulp, you can add more ingredients: embed it with feathers, marigold petals, spices; emboss it with leaves or string. The possibilities are endless.

The Craft of Handmade Paper guides you through these techniques, and demonstrates pulp painting and sculpting. Build on your skills and combine techniques to produce ever more original handmade paper creations

The Craft of Handmade Paper is a practical and inspirational guide to creating a wide variety of beautiful papers. Using pulp made from plant fibres, recycled paper or part-processed fibres, you can combine special effects such as embossing, embedding, or laminating to create distinctive sheets of paper or unique and practical objects including greetings cards, books, table sculptures, lampshades and wall-hangings.

1st paperback edition, 2002, Pb, 144pp, full colour throughout, 23 x 30.5 cm

The Craft of Handmade Paper by John Plowman (Pb)
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