The Calligrapher's Handbook edited by Heather Child



The Calligrapher's Handbook edited by Heather Child



Publisher’s Synopsis

This comprehensive collection of eighteen authoritative articles is written for those who are seriously Interested in practising, or in learning about, the skills of penmanship and the art of fine writing. The authors, members of the distinguished Society of Scribes and Illuminators, are professional craftsmen with extensive experience. They write of the methods and practices that they have found most satisfactory.

John Woodcock writes on formal scripts and their presentation, Donald Jackson on quill preparation and gilding, Sam Somerville on parchment and vellum, and Sydney Cockerell on manuscript binding. There Is plentiful and up-to-date information on writing instruments, pigments, writing surfaces, letter design, handwriting, decoration and printing techniques, with a selected list of books for reference and further reading.

Apart from the many explanatory line drawings and alphabets, there are some fifty reproductions of work by contemporary calligraphers and binders.

Cover design by John Woodcock

Table of Contents:
Preface by Heather Child

Writing Instruments:
  • Pens in Perspective - Heather Child
  • Modern Writing Instruments - John Shyvers
  • Preparation of Quills and Reeds - Donald Jackson
Pigments and Media:
  • Ink - M. Therese Fisher
  • Pigments and Media - Dorothy Hutton
Writing Surfaces:
  • Parchment and Vellum - Sam Somerville
  • Paper - Peter Bower
  • Papyrus - Alison Urwick
  • Painting Letters on Fabric - Ann Hechle
  • Formal Scripts - John Woodcock
  • Layout and Presentation of Manuscripts - John Woodcock
  • Calligraphy as a Basis for Letter Design - Tom Perkins
  • Illumination and Decoration - Dorothy Hutton >li>Gilding - Donald Jackson
  • Cursive Handwriting - Alfred Fairbank
  • The State of Handwriting - Tom Barnard
Printing Techniques:
  • Printmaking, Printing and the Calligrapher - Sidney Day
Binding Techniques:
  • The Binding of Manuscripts – Dr Sydney M. Cockerell
  • Finishing Vellum Bindings - Joan Rix Tebbutt

1st edition, 3rd reprint 2008, Pb, 260pp, Monochrome plates and line diagrams throughout, 19 x 24.5 cm

The Calligrapher's Handbook edited by Heather Child
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