Eric Gill - The Inscriptions by David Pearce



Eric Gill - The Inscriptions by David Pearce



Eric Gill (1882-1940) must be considered among the major artist-craftsmen of the twentieth century. Profligate as well as prolific, his talents included wood engraving, sculpture, letter design and carving as well as writing (he was a gifted polemicist). He also turned his talents to inscriptional lettering and produced some of the most elegant monuments ever created. Over 900 items are known, and they are catalogued here, from his first inscription on stone in 1901 to his design for his own gravestone in 1940.

The result of some forty years of research by David Peace, a talented letter craftsman, this book is the first critical appraisal of Gill's inscriptional designs, paying special atten¬tion to the early development of his letter forms. The book includes indices of persons and institutions commemorated as well as the location of the inscriptions. There are also appendices on Gill's work on war memorials, heraldry, and the design of seals, medals, coins and stamps. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in lettering or let¬ter design. Gill was a master of many media, but nowhere does his genius shine more brightly than in his original and memorable interpretations of the Roman alphabet.

1st edition 1994, Pb, over 50 halftone and numerous line illustrations, 17 x 24.5 cm

Eric Gill - The Inscriptions by David Pearce
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