Kalligrafie - Intensiv-Training by Gottfried Pott



Kalligrafie - Intensiv-Training by Gottfried Pott



Publisher's Synopsis

No one will write like a god, that has not suffered like a dog. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.

How much pain and suffering you have to go through in order to write a good text is anyone’s guess. But you don’t have to suffer like a dog to put it to paper with the right calligraphic spirit. More and more creative people have learned to appreciate the personal note of calligraphy and they know whom to trust: International experience and creative didactics (the science or profession of teaching) have turned bestselling author Gottfried Pott into their master. Now they ask for an advanced course Voilà! In this second volume, Pott teaches us about the development of calligraphy within the 20th century and about ideas for more creative handwriting. He introduces beautiful new fonts and alphabets and paves your way to the supreme discipline: experimental calligraphy.

Bookseller's Comments
As with Pott's previous book (Kalligrafie - Ertse Hilfe und Schrift Training mit Muster-Alphabeten), this book is only in German, but I can guarantee that non German speakers will still get a lot of value from the amazing diagrams and illustrations.

1st edition 2006, Pb, 138pp, many in colour, 22.2x40cm

Kalligrafie - Intensiv-Training by Gottfried Pott
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